IPR Law Firms – Copyright Prosecution, Patent Renewal and Trademark Registration Services in India

06th April 2010
By Mukesh Kumar Thakur in Copyright & Trademark
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Patent registration is one of the well known company services in India that includes preventing and protecting the unauthorized selling, copy, use or importing of services or product of any kind innovatively invented. Patent term is used for granting a legal document for inventing a service or product by inventor. This is a type of legal document given by the government. Patent registration involves some rulers and regulation that one has to follow in order to request for patent registration. Patent registration rules vary from country to country globally. Like patent registration in India includes submitting of patent application along with required information about name, address of the applicant, the title and description of the invention and other types of complete details should be mentioned with desired and appropriate information about the invention in form of any service or product. Power of attorney duly stamped by notary public is also required to be submitted there. After verification of all the documents by concerned authority inventor will get a legal document of patent registration.

After registration, patent renewal is very important task which must be accompanied with at the expiration of second year from the date of patent registration. Patent registration in India is granted for 20 year which can be either paid in advance or yearly basis as depend upon patent owner. There are many law firms operating through out India offering different types of law services like patent registration, patent application, patent drafting, patent attorney, trademark registration, trademark application, trademark law, IPR patent, IPR law firms, IPR rights, IPR law firms India, copyright filing, copyright registration, copyright prosecution and lots more. You will get complete information about these law services from patenttrademarkregistration.com that comprises a large team of attorneys with well qualified and experienced that provides complete assistance to their domestic as well as their international clients.

Apart from patent registration, Intellectual Property Rights is one of the well known terms used in corporate world. IPR law firms in India are very common in offering various types IPR law services. This type of right depicts the valuable protection of human mind, efforts, skill and labor. In this international market intellectual property comprises design, trademark, copyright and design. As we talk about other forms of property of international market it is different from them because of its different manner of usage and value. As with the rise and growth in various sectors of economy like in commerce, trade and technology the demand of intellectual property rights has also risen tremendously.

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