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Immigration Law

Finding More about Australia Immigration

14th August 2011
The Land of Endless Opportunities, Australia is a much preferred destination for many, and the immigration program of the country has lovely opportunities for those who belong to various backgrounds, have dissimilar qualifications, are from different age ...
Author: preeti sharma
Immigration Law

Procedure and Laws for Immigration to Australia

17th May 2011
Each year almost six million people come to Australia for vacations or to undertake study programs. These immigrants have made a significant contribution to the country’s economy. The standard of living in Australia is highest in the world yet the cost r...
Author: Subhash Kashyap
Immigration Law

Info for Overseas workers to Australia

12th May 2011
As immigration consultants, our job is not only providing immigration related services to our prospective clients, but ensure that they are acquainted of every minute facet which may assist them in the country of their dreams, in the later stages. Also, t...
Author: monia
Immigration Law

Australian Travel Visas

16th March 2011
Anybody wishing to travel to Australia, who does not hold an Australian or New Zealand passport, will require a travel visa. There are many different types of visas, depending on your requirements. The most common types of visa are tourist visas, worki...
Author: Art Vandelay
Immigration Law

2010 In Australian Immigration

08th February 2011
The Australian immigration scene has seen quite a lot of events this year. There are have been some that have caused quite a lot of stir, while there are those that have made a lot of people jump for joy. Here’s a quick look at the year that was 2010 for ...
Author: Steven
Immigration Law

Immigration is Easy with Immigration Consultants!

04th February 2011
Immigration is no more a difficult process as it once used to be. Years back, this process was so complex that hardly one could imagine the process would get complete in one year or so. There are many Indians who have even dropped their immigration plans,...
Author: Ajay Sharma
Immigration Law

Many Groups Fear The Effects Of Student Visa Changes

31st January 2011
The Australian visa application process have received quite a lot of changes in the last few months. These have made getting a visa a lot harder. And no one has felt this one more than the many foreign students that are currently enrolled in the country.I...
Author: Steven
Immigration Law

DIAC Launches New Guide Against Immigration Fraud

06th January 2011
For those wanting to pursue an Australian immigration, being a victim of immigration scams is certainly not going to be a good experience. Thus, the Australian government, through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), is continuously tryin...
Author: Steven
Immigration Law

Immigration Changes Hit Foreign Education

17th May 2010
For those planning to head to Australia, visa are very much important documents. Thus, it is not surprising that there are a lot of people lining up in the embassies to get their visas. And it is interesting to note that a large part of these applicants a...
Author: rachelle23
Immigration Law

Requirements For An Australian Work Visa

29th April 2010
Yearly, more than a hundred thousand people travel to work in Australia. And not surprisingly, there are a lot more falling in line to get their own chance to work in the country. But because of the large amount of applicants coming in yearly, the process...
Author: Patricia Morrise
Immigration Law

General Skilled Migration Program

23rd March 2010
Migrating to Australia can very well be a long nurtured dream for many of us. The country has seen several thousand immigrants moving in every year and contributing to the development of the Australian economy. In recent times, the Department of Immigrati...
Author: filozima
Immigration Law

Guidelines for immigrating to Australia

26th February 2010
The people are mostly from all over the world and the main language is English, though one can find people talking other languages like Greek, or Vietnamese, or Irish. Major portion of the country is covered by desert or sand dunes. With the number of pe...
Author: Synch
Immigration Law

Australian ETA Visa: Are You Eligible for One?

18th February 2010
The Australian Travel Authority or ETA is equivalent to an Australian visa. The only difference is, there's no need to visit a diplomatic office to submit your application. It can be done through a travel agency, an airline or over the Internet. Onlin...
Author: Haines

Australian Visa Cancellation

18th August 2009
Australian Visa Cancellation If you hold an Australian visa it is very important to understand the processes leading to possible visa cancellation, the powers under which a visa can be cancelled and the effect of visa cancellation in Australia. Intr...
Author: stewartcoulson
Immigration Law

Australian Visa Service: How to Choose the Right One

11th August 2009
Preparing for your first Australian Visa application can become confusing. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is a branch of the Australian government that would grant you your visa. There are several types available ranging from the visito...
Author: Haines