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Many Groups Fear The Effects Of Student Visa Changes

31st January 2011
By Steven in Immigration Law
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The Australian visa application process have received quite a lot of changes in the last few months. These have made getting a visa a lot harder. And no one has felt this one more than the many foreign students that are currently enrolled in the country.

Indeed, foreign students were among the first ones to be hit by the changes made by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Many of them have no choice but return to the countries, as their hopes of being able to move in to Australia. And for those who chose to stay, an uncertain fate awaits them, as the DIAC have said that there are a lot more changes lined up for the student program.

As can be recalled, the department has recently announced the new sets of changes that are set to be implemented. Among these are the tougher points assessment test that will be used to determine potential visa applicants, here one of the emphasis is higher English proficiency, which the department considers essential in order for the immigrant to be able to work here.

This one is probably the requirement that many foreign students are most concerned with. As it is, a large portion of the foreign student population actually come from non-English speaking countries (e.g. India and China). Thus, many of them often have only average English skills at the most. Because of this, many are worried that the new rules would be a stumbling block in their hopes of settling in Australia.

However, it is not only the students themselves who are worried about the effects of the new rules of the student migration program. The schools have also aired their concerns about the effects of the visa changes to their operations. As it turns out, many of the tertiary education institutes actually cater to a large number of foreign students. And with the way the students are now dealing with the changes in the visa programs, it is likely that these schools would a huge part of their income.

But it is not only the students and the schools how are having a problem with the current changes in the programs. Actually, there are many other sectors that are greatly affected by the changes in the student visa. For instance, people in the tourism industry are worried that these new rules will also likely affect them, as foreign students make a large part of the tourism sector’s clients.

Thus, many have urged the government to review these changes. They said that it is important for the immigration department to first consider the effects of these before they continue.

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