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DIAC Launches New Guide Against Immigration Fraud

06th January 2011
By Steven in Immigration Law
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For those wanting to pursue an Australian immigration, being a victim of immigration scams is certainly not going to be a good experience. Thus, the Australian government, through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), is continuously trying to combat these scams. Aside from stricter rules against them, the DIAC is stepping up the efforts to provide assistance to those that have been victimized.

According to new Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Bowen, the number of people falling prey to immigration scams has grown in the last few months. Thus, the department is now conducting more extensive operations in order to provide more information to the public with regards to staying away from immigration fraud. One of their latest products is a new booklet that aims to serve as a guide to incoming immigrants in identifying frauds.

Dubbed the Protect Yourself from Immigration Fraud booklet, the guide is designed to provide helpful tips in identifying possible instances of fraud that might happen during your application period. There are also listings of the agencies and offices that you can contact in case of encountering fraud. The booklet focuses mainly on the online scene, as this is where bogus immigration agents often conduct their unscrupulous operations.

Aside from the tips, the guide also gives details on how some of the most common frauds are conducted. There are also several collections of stories coming from people who have been victimized by these schemes. Additional links to other resources and agencies are also provided in the booklet for the convenience of users. With this, the DIAC hopes that the public will be more well aware of the common instances of fraud.

The booklet is now available for download at the DIACís website at free of charge. Accredited immigration agents are also allowed to distribute the booklet to their clients, again for free.

For his part, Bowen noted that online scams are indeed the most common immigration frauds nowadays. He said that because of the degree of anonymity that people receive in the internet, con artists are able to hide from detection. He added that this is where his department is now focusing its efforts in combating fake immigration agents.

Bowen all called on the public to be vigilant on this one. He also advised all those applying for a visa to always stick to the legitimate means of acquiring one to prevent any problems from arising. Bowen further said that victims of fraud should report their cases immediately in order to be able to go after the perpetrators.

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