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Info for Overseas workers to Australia

12th May 2011
By monia in Immigration Law
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As immigration consultants, our job is not only providing immigration related services to our prospective clients, but ensure that they are acquainted of every minute facet which may assist them in the country of their dreams, in the later stages. Also, these facades would help the prospective applicants to stay away from any human trafficking or forgery, if applicable. M/p>

Know about facts on Australian immigration here:

  • Your future as a worker in Australia is protected as Australian workplace laws , which ensure basic protection and entitlement for legal immigrants and workers in Australia

  • Mandatory is to have a valid Australian visa with all the work rights to work under certain employment. Also, separate set of visa regulations apply for working holiday maker visas, student visas and subclass 457 visas. Consult an Australian immigration and visa expert to know which visa suits your case.

  • For those applying under subclass 457 visa, know that the sponsoring employer
    1. Must provide good working and financial remuneration to the overseas applicants, at least equal to the already involved workers in the firm.

    2. Must recruit workers under the approved occupation list

    3. Ensure that the overseas workers are NOT involved working with another employer

    4. Cannot perform deductions apart from taxes.

  • Please note that employers DO NOT have the right to cancel your visa. The right lies with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), hence beware of such employers who claim to do so. Ask an immigration expert on your rights as an overseas worker, how you can change your sponsor, and process to apply for a PR or citizenship in Australia in the long run.

Immigration is one such decision of life which demands a high end guidance along with seeing to it that every step is put forwards in the right manner. Even a minute mistake may lead to a visa denial and ruin your chances of moving to the country of your dreams forever. Why take chances. Better is to take guidance from an expert immigration expert from the starting itself. For more details, visit

Mahesh Dwivedi is an expert author at Abhinav Visa Consultancy Company. The author has created quality visa and immigration articles with other more than 400 writing credits on diverse topics for numerous print and online formats for websites.

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