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Finding More about Australia Immigration

14th August 2011
By preeti sharma in Immigration Law
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The Land of Endless Opportunities, Australia is a much preferred destination for many, and the immigration program of the country has lovely opportunities for those who belong to various backgrounds, have dissimilar qualifications, are from different age groups, and have diverse needs. Young and skilled people who are interested in an improved lifestyle and job opportunities benefit a lot. The point system is one of the interesting ways of getting a visa on immigration.

The point system is one of the interesting ways of getting a visa on immigration, with points being awarded for work experience, qualifications, apart from good command over the language. A different way of getting an immigration visa is via the Humanitarian and Family Migration Programs.

Those with skills in a specific profession, more so professions mentioned on the Skilled Occupation List of the nation, and those who are between 18 and 45 and who have excellent command of English language, not to mention recent skill work experience, stand a good chance of getting an immigration visa under the General Skilled Migration Program of the country. It needs to be mentioned that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) of Australia, of late, has brought out the updated Skilled Occupation List (SOL) for 2011. While it includes 13 completely new professions, it also mentions 4 existing occupations skills would not have any value in the future for the immigration purposes.

Special provisions are made for those: 1. Who wish to stay in a specific area of the country; 2. Who want to invest in the nation; and 3. Who possess business skills. It needs to be mentioned that State and Territory governments have their distinct criteria as whom they will extend their sponsorship to. Those who are young are given Working Holiday Visas to support themselves and also have a great time Down Under. Under the Family Stream Migration Program and Humanitarian Program, immigrants with relatives in the nation, and refugees are well accepted and welcomed into the country.

Many attractive migration opportunities for those wishing to get married, parents, children and other family members of the citizens or permanent residents of Australia exist. An expert migration consultant on Down Under may assist the applicants and advise them on the kind of visa which they may be in need of. Such an agent would also inform those applying for a visa about all the necessary documents, and help them fill in and submit the Australia Immigration Application, and also talk to the department for their cause.

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