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Is loan agreement legal contract between lender and borrower?

15th March 2012
A loan agreement is a legal contract between lender and borrower. A loan agreement records the terms and conditions of the loan. It is not necessary that loan agreement must be in written form but the courts prefer the written agreement. It is paramount t...
Author: Robert Mark
Immigration Law

Immigration Solutions: What Is Eb5 Visa?

03rd January 2012
This might be one of the best options for immigration to USA, if you have $ 500 000 or $1 000 000 to invest into its economy. EB5 visa is granted to those, who invested the above mentioned sum of money to start a business and to create 10 working places. ...
Author: pumpupnow

Tax Rebate

27th September 2011
If you are looking for a tax rebate due to incompetency and unsatisfactory service, is on hand to assist you every step of the way! We offer a level of support that is unsurpassed, and our standard of customer care is exceptional! Our t...
Author: Henry James

Can I Settle Back Taxes With an Supply in Compromise Or an IRS Installment Agreement?

27th July 2011
Numerous Americans have back again taxes and interest that they would like to resolve but are afraid that they might not be ready to pay the large volume owed. People seemed to be surprised that the IRS gives options for settling again taxes. It is essent...
Author: randalso45
Business Law

Equity Release Schemes

09th May 2011
The wide world of Equity Release can be confusing. Going down the wrong path when choosing Equity Release Schemes could cost you considerably in the long run so before you go down the route of Equity Release you must ensure you are aware of the Equity Rel...
Author: Henry James
Personal Injury

Personal injury attorney garden city NY to help you with the cases of personal injury

07th February 2011
With the increasing number of accidents and mishaps on the road everyday there are numerous people who are innocently injured by other people’s negligence. This then causes a lot of problems in an innocent’s person’s life. The injured party and their...
Author: Seo Deliver

Advantage of Having Corporate Minutes

07th February 2011
It is highly important that all people who would want to start a business in California know the importance of keeping sufficient documentation when it comes to every transactions of the company. Most of the decisions and transactions of the company are d...
Author: Andrei Davis

Mounting a Successful Negligence Claim

14th January 2011
Mounting a Successful Negligence Claim A successful negligence claim can lead to a sizeable compensation award in many cases, depending on the damages suffered. A negligence claim can be brought against professionals in many sectors, including those wh...
Author: Wells
Immigration Law

EB5 Visa Program: What You Need to Know

22nd November 2010
There are many visa entries available these days that will let you live your very much deserved “American Dream”. The EB5 Visa Program allows you and your family to work, live, and potentially retire anywhere in the ‘Land of the Free”. This article descri...
Author: Stanley Hermosillo

Prenuptial Agreements in the UK

29th October 2010
Prenuptial agreements will be in something of a legal limbo in the uk. Unlike many jurisdictions in Europe and further afield, UK courts weren't certain to accept them in a divorce hearing. While this is still true in the uk, a recently available landmark...
Author: Herschel Kane
Criminal Law

Selecting A Criminal Defense Lawyer

20th October 2010
Selecting A Criminal Defense Lawyer In basketball, they say that a good defense is the best offense. The same goes when you have to go to trial because your life is on the line and the only way to prevent yourself from going to jail is by selecting a c...
Author: drmoolahrb
Personal Injury

How Long Will it Take my Personal Injury Case to go to Court

31st August 2010
If negotiation does not bring the results that you wanted, then you may have to go to court to have your case heard. In this situation, your attorney will attempt to prove negligence to the court, and while this process is going on, the company or party m...
Author: Tikee Pittman
Estate Planning

Tradesman liability insurance And Why You Need It

10th August 2010
Are you in a service oriented business? If you're a tradesman then you know that there are many things that can go wrong from the service not being successfully completed, your equipment breaking or being getting stolen, and somebody getting injured duri...
Author: alfredalton
Accident claims

How to Find the Best Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

29th April 2010
The highways in Atlanta, Georgia have been ranked amongst the most dangerous in the United States. Accidents involving trucks are higher here than in other locations in the nation. Each year several people fall victim to being involved in one of the many ...
Author: Brandon Jacobs

Inheritance Tax Planning Facts

06th April 2010
Inheritance tax is also known as estate or death duty. This is a kind of taxes which only comes up upon the event of the death of a person. Inheritance tax planning is required simply because inheritance taxes is actually the deceased person's estate tax....
Author: Carmelo Cobb
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