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How to Find the Best Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

29th April 2010
By Brandon Jacobs in Accident claims
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The highways in Atlanta, Georgia have been ranked amongst the most dangerous in the United States. Accidents involving trucks are higher here than in other locations in the nation. Each year several people fall victim to being involved in one of the many trucking accidents which occur in the area every year. It is estimated that one in eight traffic accidents are trucking accidents. If you or your family has had the misfortune of being involved in one of these accidents you are in need of excellent legal help. You need the help of attorney who are experts in dealing with href="">Atlanta truck accidents and do the most for you and your situation. You need the law firm of Cash, Kruegler, and Fredericks on your side.

Have the best working hard for you

When you have been in a trucking accident you need have the expertise of those with extensive knowledge in these types of accidents on your side. While there are many truck accident attorneys who advertise they can help people who have been in auto accidents they cannot help you with all of the aspects a law firm with trucking accident experience can. Do not make the mistake of trusting your legal needs to a form which cannot fully deliver the help you need. Make sure you are completely covered by contacting of Cash, Kruegler, and Fredericks.

Getting Results

Cash, Kruegler, and Fredericks has an impressive track record when it comes to representing trucking accident victims. Since 2003 Cash, Kruegler, and Fredericks has obtained over $56 million in settles for the clients. This means many individuals and families have received the compensation they deserved for injuries and deaths which has occurred in accidents on Georgia roads.

No Up-Front Cost

Getting the right representation you need regarding a trucking accident you have been involved in does not mean you need to come up with a large sum of money up-front. The legal team at Cash, Kruegler, and Fredericks understand you did not plan on such a tragedy and make the process of getting the legal assistance you need easier by not requiring any up-front fees. The firm provides legal representation on a contingency fee basis. This leaves you with one less thing to worry about during your time of need.

Aggressive Representation Quickly

Time is of the essence when you or your family has been involved in something as tragic as a trucking accident. You need a law firm which is going to act quickly and aggressively to get you the compensation you deserve. This is why going to Cash, Kruegler, and Fredericks is the best decision you can make to seek the representation you require. Someone will be able to speak with you about your case the same day you contact the firm. From there, Cash, Kruegler, and Fredericks will work aggressively to obtain what you deserve. To discuss your case with one of our attorneys, please feel free to contact us on the internet at our website ( for an online consultation. You can also call our attorneys at 404-659-1710.

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