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Mounting a Successful Negligence Claim

14th January 2011
By Wells in Law
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Mounting a Successful Negligence Claim

A successful negligence claim can lead to a sizeable compensation award in many cases, depending on the damages suffered. A negligence claim can be brought against professionals in many sectors, including those who work as surveyors, solicitors, architects, barristers, estate agents and financial advisers. In all walks of life there are instances where a negligence claim may be appropriate.

In order to obtain negligence compensation, you need to discuss your individual case with a competent professional negligence solicitor as soon as you can. In many cases of professional negligence, mistakes will have led to the loss of a substantial sum of money, so it may well be that the professional negligence claim is for a large financial settlement figure. This will always depend on the circumstances of the case, however.
Talk to a Professional Negligence Claim Specialist Today

Some of the most common negligence claim cases to be made involve errors made by professional surveyors. Whenever we decide to buy a new home, we rely on an accurate survey of the property. Professional negligence in this area can lead to the purchase of a residence with major structural damage, and can cost the purchaser many thousands of pounds through no fault of their own.

A professional negligence claim solicitor can also be relied upon to mount a negligence claim against incompetent estate agents. There have been cases over the years that have involved under-valuation of properties by estate agents, and instances of this can result in a substantial loss of money for the vendor. If this is proven, a negligence claim can help the vendor to recover his or her losses.
Make a Negligence Claim against a Legal Specialist

In cases that involve negligence from a legal professional such as a barrister or solicitor, itís just as easy to make a negligence claim. There are legal firms that are experienced in handling such cases, and they can help you to mount a successful negligence claim. If you have concerns about the financial aspects, just look for solicitors who operate on a no win no fee basis when handling any negligence claim.

If you feel you have a negligence claim, you need to consult a legal specialist immediately. A negligence claim can be mounted against a wide variety of professionals, often on a no win no fee basis. Simply pick up the phone today and talk to a solicitor about the details of your negligence claim.
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