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How Long Will it Take my Personal Injury Case to go to Court

31st August 2010
By Tikee Pittman in Personal Injury
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If negotiation does not bring the results that you wanted, then you may have to go to court to have your case heard. In this situation, your attorney will attempt to prove negligence to the court, and while this process is going on, the company or party may make another offer to settle, especially if they see from the evidence that the judge or jury is likely to award you a larger amount than they could settle for.
This is an question that cannot be answered with a specific amount of weeks or months, because it will depend on many things. How much evidence and how many witnesses your attorney is bringing to the courtroom is a large part of it, and how many witnesses your opponent has as well.
Figuring out how long it will take for your personal injury case to be resolved, or even to end up on the court's calendar and in front of a judge or jury can be difficult to estimate, because there are a number of factors that it depends upon. However, if you know what the process is then it will be easier to estimate how long before you get to certain stages of the case. If you have a personal injury case, or were in injured by the negligence of someone, then you should contact an attorney to get the process started as soon as possible, because the time frame to file may be limited.

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A personal injury attorney like Emery Ledger is vital in a case where you are seeking a settlement or an award of a large sum of money. For one thing, you may not be able to get the company or party that you are suing to take you seriously without an attorney. Second, you will not have access to years of experience in similar cases, knowledge of the law and especially car accident law, and a staff to help with the massive task of filing a lawsuit and proving liability. An attorney is vital to a personal injury case and Ledger & Associates has over ten years of experience with them.
Before a lawsuit is filed, your attorney will contact the company or individuals that you are filing against and inform them of your intention to file a lawsuit. This process will involve an exchange of information so that the company or party in question can see that you have a merit for a suit, and that you are serious about filing. At this point they may offer up a settlement and you and your attorney can decide if the settlement is fair. If not, you may continue negotiating until you reach a settlement and the case may never go to court.

This usually depends on a few things as well. For instance, are you awarded the money in one lump sum, or is the company, party or organization ordered to pay a certain amount every year or every month. Typically, you will receive the money fairly soon after a lawsuit has ended, unless there are appeals in the process or other factors that delay the payment. Your attorney will be able to much better tell you when you might receive the money that you win in a case.

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