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Truck Accidents: Two Important Phone Numbers You Need To Know

10th April 2010
By The Brilliant Assistant in Accident claims
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As drivers of passenger cars, trucks, minivans and motorcycles, we share our nation's highways with the moving giants called tractor trailers, all of which are considerably larger than most other vehicles on the roads. Getting into an accident with one of these massive moving steel giants can be serious or, in many cases, even fatal. These types of truck accidents, above most others, can result in not only personal injury, but mental, physical and financial problems down the line. Even if you are the most careful driver on the road, you fate is not 100% in your own hands. Many times everyday, drivers are involved in truck accidents caused by someone else's negligence or absent mindedness. Throw in the distractions caused by cell phones and texting, and the risk increases even more. So while you may feel somewhat safe, you must always drive with a cautious, defensive driving mindset in order to avoid potential disaster. When an accident does occur, getting help in the fastest way will increase your odds of survival.

There are two important numbers to know if you are involved in an auto accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident; first is the number of the local authorities to call in the event of an emergency. But long gone are the days where these numbers needed to be looked up and posted on a refrigerator or on a note in your wallet. Modern convenience means that only three simple numbers ("911") will connect you to local emergency help in all but the most rural counties in our country. To use 911 though, you'll want to know where you are in the event of an accident, which isn't easy when you're disoriented, as in the case after most accidents. Many cell phones have GPS-location type technology features that can provide some assistance with this. Providing emergency officials with your immediate location is an important part of receiving help in a timely manner after an auto accident or truck accident. Names of roads, cross roads, towns, landmarks and road markers are all important details in trying to describe where an auto accident has happened when you are in an unfamiliar area. Having an entry in the Contacts list of your cellphone called "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) with the name and number of the person to call in case of an emergency will help officials contact your spouse or family if you cannot do so yourself.

The final emergency tactic any driver should know is to contact a personal injury attorney that specializes in automobile accidents. If you are not at fault, a personal injury lawyer can help gain compensation for your hospital bills, and also recovery money from damages. One of the most significant factors in an auto accident is determining who is at fault. Certain methods such as taking notes, drawing pictures, and even taking photographs with your cell phone camera can help in recalling details when contacting a personal injury attorney. If the accident, even if it's minor, is involving a tractor trailer, you should seek professional legal advice from a personal injury attorney specializing in such accidents.


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