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Accident claims

Traffic Accidents Numerous but Declining

11th October 2011
Despite a steady increase in population and roadway traffic, the 2011 report by the Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract had some good news for drivers and passengers. Traffic accidents and fatalities have been consistently declining. The latest report, ...
Author: Millon & Peskin
Lemon Law

Hyundai Recalls 190,000 Elantras Sedans Over Faulty Airbags

16th June 2011
Hyundai Motor Company has recalled 190,000 vehicles sold in the US market over airbag-related defects according to a US government agency. According to the Web site for the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Hyundai issued an recal...
Author: johnkevin
Accident claims

Truck Accidents: Two Important Phone Numbers You Need To Know

10th April 2010
As drivers of passenger cars, trucks, minivans and motorcycles, we share our nation's highways with the moving giants called tractor trailers, all of which are considerably larger than most other vehicles on the roads. Getting into an accident with one of...
Author: The Brilliant Assistant
Accident claims

Oklahoma Car Accident Statistics – Important Info for Drivers

31st March 2010
In 2003 there were a total of 668 people killed in motor vehicle accidents. A total of 65% were due to a vehicle leaving the road while another 20% took place at or near an intersection. A total of 15% of these accidents involved a large truck, with a tot...
Author: Penelope Stone