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Personal Injury

The Law on Torts and Negligence

17th May 2010
Most of the cases filed in the courts everyday are cases involving money claims through negligent act of another. Under a common law legal system such as the US, this is called torts. For civil law legal systems like Spain, this is called quasi-delict. ...
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Driving and Texting - A Fatal Combination

12th May 2010
Chances are, you have texted while driving and nothing happened. So, you do it again. And again. Each time you risk having a car accident. Sometimes you lose. This is one of the increasingly leading causes of car accidents for all age groups. Blackberries...
Accident claims

Truck Accidents: Two Important Phone Numbers You Need To Know

10th April 2010
As drivers of passenger cars, trucks, minivans and motorcycles, we share our nation's highways with the moving giants called tractor trailers, all of which are considerably larger than most other vehicles on the roads. Getting into an accident with one of...
Personal Injury

Personal Injury in The Workplace : Take A Second Look

06th April 2010
The workplace can be a dangerous place, even if you work in an office instead of a warehouse. Injuries happen for a variety of reasons, whether it be inattention to a Wet Floor sign, forgetfullness to close that overhead cabinet door, or simply a fall in...
Personal Injury

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney The Right Way

30th March 2010
If a legal situation were to arise where you would need a personal injury attorney (also called a trial injury attorney), how would you choose one? Certainly looking in the yellow pages or doing an Internet search would yield a relatively large list of p...