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Looking for an Accident Claim Company

09th April 2010
By Lindsay Nolan in Accident claims
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It's hard to be in an accident especially if you're seriously injured. You'll feel distraught and unfocused because all you'll think about is how are you going to recover.

But with the help of an accident claim company you'll find the answers
you're seeking out. They will provide you, if you let them, the best
possible compensation for your injuries and additional damages.
But before looking for an accident claim company that will assist you with your accident claim you need to do the following things right after the accident happened:

1. If you or anyone else is seriously injured, you need to call for medical assistance immediately. You need to tell them the nature of your injuries. Tell them even if it's not life threatening. Make sure that they have written all the injuries you have in their report. You will need this medical report when you are preparing in filing a claim.

2. Some accidents happen on the road and police assistance is
needed. So call them as soon as possible. Tell them your own version of the accident. Their report is also valuable when it comes to knowing the liable individual that caused the incident. The accident claim company you will hire will pass the evidence to their personal injury solicitor they will assign to you.

3. For work related accidents, you need to tell your employer
about it straight away. Make certain that authorized personnel will list the details of your accident and injuries in the company's accident book. This is also good proof for the claimant against the defendant when the claim is filed.

4. Always remember that you can only file a claim within 3
years after the accident took place. In the UK, this statute of limitation only involves adult who have no special reason why they can't make a claim within 3 years. Minors have 3 years after their 18th birthday to make a claim for their injuries after an accident.

5. Collect evidences at the scene of the accident. In road traffic accidents, it is important that you gather as much information about the other party. This should include their name, address, contact number, vehicle's make, model and plate number and also his/her insurance details. You are also required by law to pass your own info to them as well. If you have a camera or a camera phone take pictures of the accident scene. This is also vital evidence.

6. Talk to individuals who have witnessed the incident. This is
especially needed in all kinds of accidents - may it be road traffic
accidents, work related accidents, medical negligence, criminal related accidents or any other. The account of witnesses is valued at the court and it's so much valuable especially in establishing blame.

After you've done the things listed above, you can now call on the accident claim
you prefer and pass the information you've collected. They
will then assign you an accident claim solicitor who specializes in your case. It is also important to note that there are accident claim companies in the UK that provide a no win no fee service. Under this rule, your accident claim company will give you a solicitor to handle your case but you don't have to pay for them even if you win the case. They will shoulder all the costs incurred during the claim process. If you lose, you have also no obligation to pay anything. Just make sure that you read the contract they will provide you before signing it.
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