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Truck Accidents: Take it to the Experts

13th April 2010
By Mesriani Law Group in Accident claims
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There is an increasing number of truck related accidents in the last 10 years, killing thousands of innocent lives and injuring even more people. In relation to this, truck drivers and owners alike should become more careful in their operations to ensure the safety of both their cargo and the people around them.

The following are some reasons why truck drivers get into vehicle collisions.

• The driver is driving at a high speed to meet tight delivery deadlines.

• The driver is tired and exhausted with long hours of work. Because of this, he fails to concentrate and pay enough attention to the road and other vehicles.

• There are many blind spots that are difficult to see when driving a truck.

• The driver does not provide enough room for the truck, especially when making wide turns.

• Mechanical or engine failure of the truck.

• Truck overloading.

Aside from these, some factors like insufficient truck driving trainings and unrealistic deadlines also contribute to the causes of truck accidents. If you are a truck driver or owner of a trucking company, try considering these factors to reduce unexpected expenses from accidents.

On the other hand, if you are an owner of a regular-sized vehicle and a truck hit or damaged you car, there are still ways how you can get over that terrible experience. Here are some reminders:

• Do not immediately sign any contract with the truck insurance company or truck owner. Oftentimes, insurance companies covering the trucks offer their unfortunate victims some sort of “help” for the damages they have done. However, most of the time this help is actually a disguise of their true purpose – to evade from their financial responsibilities. If ever they offer you to sign an agreement with them, just say no. Tell them you want to evaluate the agreement first before signing it. You will find out later on that the amount they were offering was but a small fraction of the total liability amount they ought to pay you.

• Plan to file a claim for liability against the driver or the truck company. A simple “sorry” cannot replace a wrecked car nor heal injuries and emotional damages. Avoid thinking that you are just one person against an entire company. The law covers all and it will definitely take the necessary actions for you to recover from your loss.

• Ask for legal assistance for better chances of winning the case. Talking to an experienced lawyer will give you more ideas on how to approach the case. The attorney may choose to hire investigators for faster examination of what really happened. Remember, all these are in your favor so do not hesitate to get the services of truck accident attorneys.

To help you deal with issues involved in truck accidents, consult with our skilled truck accident attorneys. Visit our website and avail of our free case analysis.
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