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Divorce And Bankruptcy - How Does One Affect The Other?

21st March 2012
In the current economic environment, many people are considering bankruptcy as a way to manage overwhelming debt. With the stress of financial difficulties straining relationships, more couples are also getting divorced. Before filing for bankruptcy and d...
Author: Anneshia Miller Grant

Points To Be Remember While Writing Statement Of Child Custody

19th September 2011
A voluntary transfer of child custody refers to a deliberate brought about change in the guardianship rights of a parent or a guardian. This alteration is made when the custodian parent is unable to fulfill the financial responsibilities of the child and ...
Author: Amy Dyslex
Bankruptcy Law

Houston bankruptcy and Houston bankruptcy lawyer

18th January 2011
Sometimes can be the bankruptcy of embarrassing and humiliation due to the unexpected circumstances, but you are residing in Houston that you can simply rid the embarrassing seconds faced up due to the bankruptcy, looking for the aid of the Houston bankru...
Author: jemmyfoster

Find the right loan modification attorney to speed up your loan modification process

08th June 2010
Most homeowners are sorely familiar that the national housing market has gone through one of the worst economic crises in the history of our nation. This has made it very difficult for many homeowners to make their loan payment timely. In recent years, no...
Author: Attorney Law Firm
Accident claims

Truck Accidents: Take it to the Experts

13th April 2010
There is an increasing number of truck related accidents in the last 10 years, killing thousands of innocent lives and injuring even more people. In relation to this, truck drivers and owners alike should become more careful in their operations to ensure ...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Chicago Divorce Advokat Helps Maya Polsky Receive Largest Divorce Settlement In The U.S.

13th October 2008
Chicago divorce advokat Howard Rosenthal may have gotten the largest divorce settlement in the history of the United States when he got an award for his client Maya Polsky. Maya Polsky is the wife of Russian native and millionaire Micheal Polsky, and they...
Author: Remy