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Reminders on Preventing SUV Rollover Accidents

13th April 2010
By Mesriani Law Group in Accident claims
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Have you ever watched vehicle rollover scenes in action films? If you think they are as cool and exciting as they seem in real life - you are definitely wrong. Rollover accidents in Los Angeles, especially those involving SUVs, are considered the most dangerous vehicle accidents. These unfortunate events do not just cause extensive physical injuries to the passengers of the vehicle, but also damages to other automobiles, properties, and even pedestrians.

Getting involved in a Los Angeles SUV rollover accident is a tragic experience. You would not just face terrible expenses for property and injury costs of other people, but also deal with your own injuries and property expenses. Just as the cliché goes, prevention is better than cure. If you want to stay away from such an experience, here are some things you need to consider:

• If you are still planning to buy an SUV, check the features and designs beforehand to ensure your safety on the road. Most rollover collisions are caused by insufficient safety features in the vehicle. If you are choosing a vehicle, make sure it passes the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Also consider vehicles that have wider frames and are not too tall. Weak roofs and the lack of collision airbags would just put you and your passengers at risk.

• Avoid overloading the vehicle. If you plan to drive your SUV, remember not to overload it with passengers or baggage. Overloading will only increase the chances that it will rollover when it collides with another vehicle or goes out of control and tips over. What should have been a simple accident would become fatal just because you chose to overload your vehicle.

• Remember to wear your seatbelts. Seatbelts would keep you from being ejected from the car in case your vehicle gets into a rollover accident. If you wear your seatbelt, there would be fewer chances that your injuries would be fatal.

• Avoid sharp turns. SUVs are large vehicles. Because of this, they can be very unpredictable when making a sharp turn. Remember that larger vehicles are very prone to rollover accidents and can cause extensive damage to anything in its path, so be careful.

• Accomplish additional safety enhancements. If you think the safety features of the SUV are insufficient, you may carry out additional installations. Most manufacturers perform these enhancements themselves. However, there are some companies who do not accept such operations for their products. In this case, you may contact a legal representative to negotiate for you.

In a busy city like Los Angeles, vehicle accidents are a commonplace. It all depends on you as the SUV driver and owner to check your vehicle using the reminders given above. It may seem a tiresome task, but it definitely pays off in the long run.

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