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Employment Law

How to Enter the Trucking Industry through Truck Driving Jobs

29th October 2010
Truck driving jobs may sound simple but in reality, these jobs are serious jobs and it takes more than just driving skills in order to fulfill the roles effectively. Most jobs would require specific skills and a diploma from a university or college. It is...
Author: truckguy
Accident claims

Why Defendant's Give False Testimony About Their Role In A Motor Vehicle Accident

15th September 2010
It is not uncommon for lawyers helping victims of motor vehicle accidents to see a claim with two drivers who give radically diverse accounts of the accident. Experience on the part of the lawyer and the readiness to fully investigate the circumstances of...
Author: J. Hernandez
Accident claims

Truck Accident Lawyers needed in SemiTruck Accidents

17th August 2010
Truck Accident Lawyers needed when you get in an accident. Do you drive a truck for a living? If so, you know all too well how important your truck is to your livelihood. Since your truck is larger and heavier, you of course, are trained better in road s...
Author: jkblogxsjdb
Accident claims

The Basics about Large Truck Accidents Lawsuits

29th April 2010
Anyone who has spent time driving on the highway has had to share the road with truck drivers traveling in large trucks. When these drivers act recklessly, the results can be tragic. Each year nearly 5,000 people are killed in accidents involving large tr...
Author: Penelope Stone
Accident claims

Truck Accidents: Take it to the Experts

13th April 2010
There is an increasing number of truck related accidents in the last 10 years, killing thousands of innocent lives and injuring even more people. In relation to this, truck drivers and owners alike should become more careful in their operations to ensure ...
Author: Mesriani Law Group
Accident claims

Truck Driver Fatigue

23rd March 2010
According to the National Transportation Safety Board, people need, on average, 8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep deprivation can, over time, lead to fatigue. Being awake when typically asleep or being awake during the early morning hours when the body i...
Author: Randall Rozek
Accident claims

The 5 Most Common Causes of Large Truck Accidents

25th February 2010
There could be any number of reasons why a large truck might be involved in an accident. But, there are five causes for big truck accidents that are the most common. 1. Driver Fatigue: Driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of truck accidents....
Author: Daniel Berry