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The Way Different Factors Can Add To The Value Of An Auto Accident Case

22nd November 2010
By J. Hernandez in Accident claims
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There will be roughly three million individuals injured this year in a motor vehicle accident. Two million of those people will endure permanent disabilities. That is approximately one lifelong injury from a motor vehicle accident every 16 seconds. Each lawsuit is unique and has its own specific challenges. Examples of three lawsuits are discussed below in order to find the lessons that may be picked up from the way they were handled.

In one case involving a motor vehicle accident, while his view of a stop sign was obstructed by a truck that was parked in a no-parking zone, a driver from a local Pizzeria failed to stop the a stop sign. Entering the intersection, he broad-sided another car. The driver of that car sustained an injury to the nerve in her left hand.left-hand nerve damage, and herniated discs in both his neck and lower back. He went through a total of four surgeries for his neck and back and an additional surgery for his arm. He He needed 4 surgeries for the disc herniations. He also required a separate surgery for his hand. After the accident he was no longer able to play sports, a favorite pastime of his. The law firm that handled this matter documented a combined settlement in the amount of $900,000 from the driver, the owners of the truck, and the pizzeria.

In a different case, a driver lost control of her auto, crossed lanes, and hit a vehicle coming in the opposite direction in a head-on collision. The plaintiff suffered injuries to the discs at both the cervical and lumbar levels. The woman moreover sustained a meniscus tears in her knee. She required surgery for her knee injury. The report of this lawsuit mentioned that the case went to trial and the jury found for the victim in the sum of $625,000. The insurance policy covering the responsible driver had a liability limit of just $100,000.

A lesson is that there may be yet other parties who were not directly involved in the accident but who can still be held liable. In case 1 above, the pizzeria employed the driver who caused the accident. Given that the accident happened while the driver was acting within the scope of his employment, the pizzeria was liable. In addition, the owners of the truck were also liable.

Finally, it is important to understand that the majority of individuals carry insufficient insurance to completely cover substantial injury. The majority of drivers actually have just the minimum coverage required by law. One ought to therefore have ample uninsured and underinsured coverage in one’s own insurance policy in case of a severe or even catastrophic injury. Increasing one’s coverage in this way is a relatively minor expense compared to the risk.

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