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Steps for After the Accident

01st November 2010
By Quinn in Accident claims
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There is always the possibility of someone not paying attention to the road and rear-ending another vehicle. This could be you or another driver What do you do? First, you should inspect yourself to be sure you are not injured. Then, ask the other driver if they are okay. When you have determined that both parties have suffered no major injuries, inspect the damages that have occurred. While inspecting the vehicles, call emergency services, and wait for them to arrive. You should also prepare your car information: driverís license, registration and insurance card. These will be necessary for the officer to write his or her report.
When an officer arrives, be as detailed and descriptive as you can about the events that have occurred. Be sure to take pictures of the damages because they may be useful when filing an insurance claim and if you have to go to court. If court becomes necessary, you should get in touch with a lawyer that specializes in these cases. All people are human and can make mistakes or misunderstand details. The officer may not write something exactly the way it was explained, or the guilty party may be scared to tell the truth for fear they will incur more personal damages. These issues can come back to haunt you.

A personal injury lawyer is there to play the role of ghost buster and make sure that you arenít haunted by any mistakes or problems that may occur in receiving the money necessary to repair the damages and pay for any medical bills that may be a result of the accident. It is always a good thing to be prepared for any and all situations, and car accidents arenít any different. They are a common part of American life and happen often. As stated earlier, we are all human, and accidents are bound to happen. Why not be prepared in case you are the unfortunate victim of such an accident?

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