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18 Wheeler Accidents

25th October 2010
By Julia in Accident claims
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A serious truck collision can be an alarming scenario. The best advocate in this situation is to get yourself an ideal and experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer. The first thing you should do if, God forbid, you or your dear ones do get into a messy situation like this is to get the help of an expert legal counsel who will help you build your case against those who are at fault. For the victims who want justice to be served and want the law reigning supreme, a strong case without flaws is the basic necessity. A good accident lawyer will first think of securing important documents such as the driverís record, the truck companyís record and insurance claim issues. When he has all what he thinks is required to build a strong case only then can he help you. If the driver of the 18 wheeler was at fault, an 18 wheeler accident attorney can deftly gather and present facts to persuade a judge and jury of the driver's guilt. Trucking company lawyers and insurance claim adjusters will be just as diligent in making sure that plaintiffs get as little money as possible or lose the case due to inadequate findings.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) roughly estimates that 18 wheeler collisions kill over 5,000 people annually and leave 131,000 suffering from debilitating injuries. DOT studies also indicate that tractor trailer crashes account for 5% of all accident-related injuries and more than 14% of deaths each year. An 18 wheeler attorney will investigate incidents of suspected negligence on the part of operators who are alleged to have caused wrongful death or personal injuries. A tractor trailer accident lawyer will work hard to pinpoint the exact cause of fatal or catastrophic collisions. An experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer will investigate incidents of suspected negligence on the part of operators who are alleged to have caused wrongful death or personal injuries.
Patrick H. Yancey, who has a reputable law firm in Houma, Louisiana, is one such lawyer who is both skilled and experienced in handling such cases. If you or your loved one is the injured party of an 18 wheeler incident or an automobile accident, the Law Office of Patrick H. Yancey will devote every resource necessary to bring you the compensation you ought to have after being involved in such a collision.

To best protect your legal rights after an 18-wheeler truck incident or car accident has caused you serious personal injury, it is prudent to consult an experienced attorney. The law office is thoroughly informed about the U.S. federal government's and State of Louisiana's regulations for trucks, vehicles, and loads. We understand the unique legal and practical problems associated with truck accidents. Our biggest concern is in assisting our clients with a resolution of the issues in the most prompt and economic manner possible.
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