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Accident claims

The Way Different Factors Can Add To The Value Of An Auto Accident Case

22nd November 2010
There will be roughly three million individuals injured this year in a motor vehicle accident. Two million of those people will endure permanent disabilities. That is approximately one lifelong injury from a motor vehicle accident every 16 seconds. Each l...
Author: J. Hernandez
Accident claims

Applying for Car Accident Claims

13th May 2010
When the most dreadful accidents happen, it is sure to put off any person involved in the accident. Moreover, there are financial burdens from medical and hospital bills as well as the repair expenses of the vehicle. To cover such expenses the individual ...
Author: James

How to pursue a claim for a whiplash injury in the UK

28th October 2005
Claiming for whiplash injury compensation following a road accident in the UK If you have been involved in a road accident and suffered injury, you may wish to consider making a personal injury claim against the responsible driver. The most common f...
Author: martin nolan