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Workplace Accidents

12th October 2011
A recent report revealed work accidents in Scotland in 2010 cost £187 million, despite the fact the Health and Safety Executive has strict regulations in place to prevent such events from happening. This worrying statistic shows that employers are repeate...
Author: Richard Godden

Industrial Accidents

05th October 2011
Accidents in the workplace arise on a standard foundation. Lots of of the industrial accidents that transpire could have been prevented with suitable security precautions.Setting up sites, factories and warehouses are notoriously hazardous destinations to...
Author: HershelBradley
Business Law

Using Safety Posters at Work

20th July 2011
Today, there is now a need for safety posters due to the demand of the government. There is now the need for the OSHA poster to serve as memorandums for several employees and the employers who have hired them. Without the memorandum, there would b...
Author: Cecily
No Win No Fee

The two main types of injury claims that are relevant to accidents in the place of employment

16th June 2011
One of the most marketed and publicised sorts of injury or accident is the variety that happens in work or during working hours. This sort of injury or accident is normally caused by the fault of an employer, worker or an inability to keep to the health a...
Author: anton

Employment Law - The Essentials

10th May 2011
Employment law covers the welfare and equality of employees in any work establishment. Strict guidelines and statutes outline exactly what an employer can and can't do in regards to the work environment and treatment of their employees. For most companies...
Author: JamieRock
Personal Injury

Can the Personal Injury Sector Survive the Recent Spate of Attacks on the Industry?

13th October 2010
In recent months the personal injury sector of law has been beleaguered by attacks and new regulations which all seem custom built to hamper the effectiveness of compensation solicitors nationwide and place the ball back in the court of big businesses and...
Author: Lee Price
Accident claims

Accident Injury Claims Make Up For Your Losses

08th September 2010
Like they say, accidents happen. There’s nothing you can do about them besides being on guard and hoping that they don’t happen to you. But God forbid, if you suffer an injury through an accident it helps knowing what your future course of action has to b...
Author: dwsarticle
Personal Injury

What are Chemical Injury Claims? Bakersfield

31st August 2010
A chemical injury claim is a claim for compensation made by, or on behalf of, a person injured as a result of contact with corrosive, toxic or otherwise hazardous substances. Claims such as these are called 'personal injury claims' and are usually handled...
Author: Tikee Pittman
Accident claims

Health and Safety at Work and Work Accident Claims

29th August 2010
Many people believe that a ‘compensation culture’ exists in the UK, with thousands of unnecessary compensation claims being made by every year, often by employees taking advantage of overprotective health and safety legislation to claim against their empl...
Author: Jessica Parker
Personal Injury

Work Accident Advice: Factory Accident Claims

23rd June 2010
With the likelihood of manually operated machinery and a range of materials and possibly dangerous chemical substances being present, working in a factory can present a range of different potential dangers. This is why factory employers must take special ...
Author: Jessica Parker
Accident claims

Claiming Compensation for Injury at Work

28th April 2010
Workplace accidents occur when health and safety measures are not in place or flawed. Being a legal requirement, it is the duty of the employer to maintain the basic standards of health and safety in the workplace to protect their employees from work rela...
Author: Jamie Hanson
Personal Injury

Workplace health and safety should not be taken lightly: Unions criticise David Cameron

21st April 2010
Health and safety risk assessment in the work place is "essential" to protect the welfare of Britain's employees and prevent employers having to defend personal injury claims due to accidents in work, the Trade Unions Congress (TUC) has warned. The TUC...
Author: hitsearch
Personal Injury

The Part from the Injury Lawyer

16th April 2010
There are several occupations that pose risks to its staff, for example in mining, construction, forestry, industrial function, and a lot of a lot more. But as a result of the fantastic must function and also to earn earnings, most males and women disrega...
Author: Duncan
Employment Law

Adopt Safe Practices at Work

15th April 2010
Injuries at the workplace happen unexpectedly and can be a painful experience. It can leave you jobless, dependent on miniscule amounts of compensatory payments and cause you immense hardship. Workplace injury can happen to anyone, regardless of the indus...
Author: Robert Palmer
Personal Injury

Accidents At Work: What Everyone Ought To Know About Work Accident Duties

02nd February 2010
Every year, there are over 36 million working days lost because of accidents at work and work-related ill health, according to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. There are also around 350 deaths every year due to accidents at work, 1,000 d...
Author: Jessica Parker
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