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Dairy Farms in Danger of Labor Law Non-compliance

17th August 2011
Any farming job comes with some level of danger and dairy farming certainly is no exception. The agriculture industry ranks as one of the top industries for accidents and fatalities. In terms of injury prevention, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health ...
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Using Safety Posters at Work

20th July 2011
Today, there is now a need for safety posters due to the demand of the government. There is now the need for the OSHA poster to serve as memorandums for several employees and the employers who have hired them. Without the memorandum, there would b...
Employment Law

Some Points For Health and Safety Posters

02nd February 2011
Like many posters like labor law of deferent country. There are some measures which are taken from the government time to time. Safety poster is a good measure of the government that are pasted for giving information to the persons to be aware for facing ...
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Labor law posters

02nd February 2011
The International Labor Organization in tune with the state governments protest against the exploitation of the business firm in their labor management. In various occasions the workers are exploited by the employers in matters like wages, work time, over...
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Benefits of labor law Poster

02nd February 2011
The labor law posters are the guide by the government, on millions of workers fundamental rights and obligations, in their respective workplace. It is the script explaining all the legal laws made by the government for the benefit of the employees. It cov...

The credibility of federal and state labor law poster

09th November 2010
Few years back, when merely the laws about labor protection were considered enough, the rate of labor exploitation by their employers was very high. It was because labors were not aware of their right which the legislation was providing them and thatís wh...
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Labor law poster: things to consider

13th July 2010
A labor law poster has all the basic information that any employee must know. It keeps the employee informed of the rights that every employee has and the steps that he can take if any of these rights are violated. It is very important that every employer...

The importance of labor law posters at the place of work

28th June 2010
Most of the times it is so that the employer's who are working in a particular organization are not aware of what all their rights and duties are in their area of work. They are required to know about the nitty-gritty of the workplace and what all things ...