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The two main types of injury claims that are relevant to accidents in the place of employment

16th June 2011
By anton in No Win No Fee
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One of the most marketed and publicised sorts of injury or accident is the variety that happens in work or during working hours. This sort of injury or accident is normally caused by the fault of an employer, worker or an inability to keep to the health and safety regulations that have been set for the certain working surroundings that you work in. There are benefits and drawbacks encompassing claiming personal injury compensation for an injury or accident at work and one of the most worrying disadvantages is the possibility of losing your job as a result of your personal injury claim. A company cannot rightly fire you from your employment position for making a claim for compensation against them or the firm, but they can make life hard for you in other ways or come by other excuses to cease your employment contract. Donít be put of by this fact because if you have suffered a major injury that could affect you for the long term then it is your right to to make a claim for the injuries that you have endured. If you are in a job that you donít particularly like or in a temporary contract with no real prospects for the long term then you donít much in the way to lose.

Injuries in the workplace can come in many different forms, shapes and sizes they can range from accidents that are instant like an accident or slip that causes harm or the other variety of personal injury claim is for an issue or injury that has happened over a period of time perhaps many years as for an example exposure to particular active ingredients or working conditions. If for example you were in employment in a manufacturing facility that produced paint and the harmful substances that are connected with the manufacture of paint caused irreversible damage to your respiratory system and your breathing was lastingly damaged the you have the right to claim compensation. This type of claim is a lot harder to prove than an accident that occurs straight away like a fall or an injury, as a defending attorney can question that other sources could have impacted you medical state, but donít let this fact put you off if you feel that you have suffered an illness that has affected you in the long term due to your previous working life then call a law firm to take a look at you case in detail.

The on the spot personal injury is a great deal easier to fight for a personal injury solicitor as they are in most cases clear cut and the blame can be precisely linked to a certain outfit. The type of damage that I am speaking about is the variety like of a fall or an injury while at work. By way of example if you are in work and you are told to carry out a task by a supervisor or boss and the activity will require a specialist piece of equipment to do the work and that piece of equipment is absent like utilizing a chair to access the top of a storage unit when a ladder or step up should be employed. If this is your situation and the lack of specialist apparatus has caused you personal injury then you are well in your right to go after a claim for compensation as your employer should make available the right equipment for any job in your place of employment. There are rigorous health and safety rules in position in the United kingdom governing all sorts of working environments, and these policies particularly point out that any apparatus that is not designed for a certain activity must not be used.

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