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The Equality Act 2010: What You Need To Know

20th October 2010
Employment Solicitors Trethowans look at the effects of the Equality Act 2010The aim of the Equality Act is to harmonise all of the existing anti-discrimination legislation that has developed over the past forty years. The Act codifies the law into one (2...
Family Law

Parenting after Parting – Middles Class Couples “The Worst”?

06th October 2010
Family solicitor Trethowans looks at the issue of parenting after divorce. "In the children’s best interests"; a phrase often used in the family courts and enshrined in the Children Act 1989. But how many separated parents find themselves bandying it a...
Personal Injury

Food Manufacturer Fined After Employee’s Skull Crushed by Metal Pillar

15th September 2010
One of the UK’s largest food manufacturers has been fined £14,000 after one of its workers had his skull crushed by a metal pillar in one of their bakeries. In July 2008, Thomas Williams, 61, had been working with a colleague to remove cages and pillar...
Accident claims

Paul Rooney Solicitors Offers Practical Advice for steps to take after a Road Traffic Accident

25th August 2010
These are the simple steps you need to follow if you are unfortunate enough to be involved with a road traffic accident. After any sort of Road Traffic Accident you must stop. It is against the law to drive away from a Road Traffic Accident. As soon...
Personal Injury

City solicitor backs claim that insurers are bullying accident victims

01st June 2010
Leading Liverpool solicitors Paul Rooney Partnership are backing claims made by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) that insurance companies in the UK are bullying road traffic accident victims into accepting lower levels of compensation tha...
Personal Injury

Making a Personal Injury Claim Is Easier Than You May Think

01st June 2010
here are many people that believe making a personal injury claim can be very time consuming. Here at Paul Rooney we hope to be able to dismiss any doubts in your mind when making a personal injury claim. There are probably 100's of people out there who...
Employment Law

Employment Law Under Cameron And Clegg

17th May 2010
As David Cameron sets up home in Number 10 we take a look at what implications the General Election result may have on employment law. The coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats marries two very different political ideals. What happens ...
Personal Injury

Personal Injury - Exactly how much compensation are you entitled to?

21st April 2010
Suffering a personal injury, and the subsequent rehabilitation, can be a difficult time for both you and your loved ones. While it is impossible to eradicate the physical and emotional pain of your accident, we at the Paul Rooney Solicitors in Liverpool c...
Personal Injury

Workplace health and safety should not be taken lightly: Unions criticise David Cameron

21st April 2010
Health and safety risk assessment in the work place is "essential" to protect the welfare of Britain's employees and prevent employers having to defend personal injury claims due to accidents in work, the Trade Unions Congress (TUC) has warned. The TUC...
Personal Injury

Liverpool Solicitors Paul Rooney Reacts to Lord Jacksons Report

16th April 2010
For many years, Claimants have been able to pursue their claims on a no win no fee basis and because the Claimant's costs including the success fee and the insurance premium for the policy that is usually taken out to protect against the risk of having to...
Family Law

Grandparents and Post-Divorce Contact with Grandchildren

26th March 2010
Yvette Rooke, a partner at law firm Trethowans, discusses the sometimes forgotten party during divorce proceedings...“Grandparents are the ‘rock’ in many families, providing support and childcare for their grandchildren, particularly in ...