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Using Safety Posters at Work

20th July 2011
By Cecily in Business Law
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Today, there is now a need for safety posters due to the demand of the government. There is now the need for the OSHA poster to serve as memorandums for several employees and the employers who have hired them. Without the memorandum, there would be certain penalties which are imposed by the state. The safety based posters serves as a compliance for the occupational health and safety of employees as well as their security which is imposed through the OSH Act. Employees are now required to have their own medical records as well as any other background about past illnesses or diseases. Through checking up on the background of workers, employees would be able to check those employees who would require special privileges such as higher health insurance and medical benefits. Employees who would have problems regarding their extremities or spine would not be given jobs such as heavy labor.

Employees who would also have an exposure to hazardous chemicals would also need to have safety equipment on at all times. This fact is not only listed within safety regulations but also as part of labor law poster. The use of safety equipment would be part of a requirement for employees who would be under heavy machinery. Employees are required by the law to procure safety equipment in order to eliminate the risks of accidents within the work area and to ensure that there would not be any long term effects to employees. For instance, asbestos is a very potent compound and it can lead to a lot of health issues. Due to this factor employees who would be exposed to such dangerous materials should wear safety equipment and facial masks in order to protect themselves from any exposure. This is not only mandatory for employees but also to all individuals who would enter the workplace.

The right of the employer over the employee is that he is allowed by the government to cease action if any health problems occur with the employee. Before employment, any hiring company reserves the right to check on the health background of their employees. If they are not allowed to operate any heavy machinery or if they are not physically fit to lift heavy objects, employers can prevent such individuals from working. This is to comply with federal labor law posters and requirements. Each state has this certain type of law and it is mandatory to any business or company.
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