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Immigration Law

UK Tier 1 Visa Post Study Work Visa: Closing on 4/2012

04th October 2011
UK, considered as one of the most difficult places to immigrate through work has again made their mark on strict policies for immigration. With the recent decisions by the UK government through the UK border agency, The UK Tier 1 Visa will be closed in Ap...
Author: Ben Singkol
Immigration Law

Opportunities and Liquid Market Confers Singapore as the Financial Center of Asia

20th September 2011
Singapore has steadily maneuvered an ascent to be a strong financial center of Asia, now acclaiming international repute. This expansion which took place in four decade, added new dimensions to the banking, insurance and other financial fields in Singapor...
Author: Peter Lee
Immigration Law

Are You Programmer & Interested in Australia Immigration!

22nd August 2011
Are You Programmer & Interested in Australia Immigration! The Land of Endless Opportunities, Australia, welcomes skilled workers with open arms. In fact, this immigration destination par excellence offers well-paying jobs to them, especially if they ha...
Author: preeti sharma
Immigration Law

Different Categories and Programs for Australian Working Visas

14th July 2011
The economy of Australia is on the rise thus the government issues both temporary and permanent work visas based on different factors like skills of candidate, qualifications and experience etc. A few of Australian visa services allow applicant to seek em...
Author: David Rambloor
Immigration Law

Obtaining Visas in the United States of America

10th June 2011
Consider what country you wish to study in. Much of the decision to study abroad is more about the cultural and social experience you are likely to have in your destination than it is about classroom considerations. Studying in Canada is very different fr...
Author: Louie Jane M. Caturza

Comprehensible outlook of visa for Seeking for work in Singapore

09th May 2011
IF you are a foreigner and in hunt for work in Singapore, here is a comprehensive guide which will help you in getting Singapore work visa. As Singapore government has decided to welcome successful foreign enterprises and skilled immigrants. It has bee...
Author: Peter Lee
Immigration Law

Australian Visa Application and Having the Right Resources

13th April 2011
If you are one of those people who have always wanted to go to Australia, then you should know that one of the first things you should learn about is Australian visa application. You can avail of a work visa if you simply want to seek employment; a study ...
Author: Hunterh

How you can get H-1B Visa?

30th March 2011
The H1B visa may be the most very coveted U.S. work visa. With a minimal yearly offer and more than two candidates for every accessible visa, competitors is eager amongst the tens of a large number of foreign nationals learning within the U.S. and other f...
Author: James Hammond
Immigration Law

Different Types of Chinese Visas

16th March 2011
Visa services are a lot in demand, especially in the present times where cross-country interactions are very high all the time. A lot of companies today provide visa services. However, all of these are not genuine or authentic. Only a few are reliable and...
Author: Lemon Clerk
Immigration Law

Dreaming of Working in the World’s Super Power?

15th February 2011
A work visa is issued to immigrants to the United States either skilled or non-skilled to work in the United States. United States, the world's super power with the strongest economy base attracts many immigrants as workers who come to the United States t...
Author: Vern Fisher
Employment Law

Singapore Employment Pass Application: The Facts and Procedure

14th February 2011
Singapore’s advancing economic structure attracts a great number of individuals who wish to experience its business potential. Any foreigner who wishes to do business in Singapore, either by seeking employment or putting up his own company, must first obt...
Author: rikvinshore
Immigration Law

Are You Eligible for an EB-5 Investor Visa?

11th February 2011
EB5 investor visa eligibility is based on the amount of legal funds available for foreign investors to invest in the United States. It is a fast-track process to becoming a permanent U.S. resident. This article will outline some steps you can take if you ...
Author: Stanley Hermosillo
Immigration Law

Get your Australian skilled visas fast and easy

01st February 2011
A lot of people are applying now for their Australian skilled visa, as they are hoping to have the better future in the land down under. With thousands of opportunities and chances to choose from they are probably in a better future here in Australia. The...
Author: dylan
Immigration Law

Hiring an Immigration Attorney

26th January 2011
Importance of an Immigration AttorneyWhen thinking about the approach of immigration, it is necessary that an attorney is picked with care. This is due to the face that immigration laws are extremely difficult and many problems may possibly arise in visa ...
Author: Mario Fischer
Immigration Law

Marriage Based Green Card Interview - An Overview

20th January 2011
Generally immigration petitions and applications for adjustment of status will be denied by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services where there is proof of fraud involved. These immigrants may be accused of fraud and are exposed to possible Green Ca...
Author: Emery Lang
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