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UK Tier 1 Visa Post Study Work Visa: Closing on 4/2012

04th October 2011
By Ben Singkol in Immigration Law
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UK, considered as one of the most difficult places to immigrate through work has again made their mark on strict policies for immigration. With the recent decisions by the UK government through the UK border agency, The UK Tier 1 Visa will be closed in April of 2012.

The UK post study work was created as a result of the constant barrage of requests from higher the education industry as a promotion for working after a finishing a course in the UK. The government however, was not too excited about it but gave it a chance for the tier 1 visa. As strict as ever, The UK border agency now brings a halt to the Post Study work Tier 1 UK visa privileges.

The reasons for the halt seem to disturb the foreign students in UK, and have been giving out comments over the internet for comment and suggestions regarding the matter. The UK government will of course stay firm with the discussion and are very wise to send out on an early warning. As for the other options, there have been quite a few left.

With the UK post study work gone, there will be a void in the foreign student applicants for the next school year and this has alarmed the education sector as well. This is because the top businesses in immigration through education are in the degree level, which is of course affected by the post study work visa. Post study work allows a transition of residency for graduates, and the grants are allowing 2 years of stay before transferring to the more work related visa category, the tier 2.

The closing of the Post Study Work was initiated by the current government as they do not share the same interest on the matter as given by the previous. The previous government deems it necessary to create good programs to attract top immigrants, for intelligence and contributions. The government has changed its policies over the Post Study Work of the tier system. This is a result of the government wanting to change tactics for the immigration.

The current UK government stands on squeezing the number of immigrants and they only want the best to be allowed access for immigration. Parts of the limit on the number of immigrants are the study based categories and work based categories. Post Study work is linked within the two, and removing some number would mean that they will have to cut on the inter study and work visa category.

The post study work visa closing will not be affecting the European Union students and immigrants. The post study work was made to allow non EU students a fair fight in employment, and the 2 years of intermediate status will gone and in no replacements has been issued since the declaration of closing.

For the look of things we can have a conclusion that the post study work was abolished to limit the inflow of immigrants from non EU union, who have been dominating the UK work force with their lower rates, and providing more competition on employment. The UK government wants to settle these uncontrollable manifestations of less evaluated visa categories that are giving easy access to foreigners. The UK border Agency, with influence of the new government will try to drive out any unnecessary and not needed immigrants.

At present, information drives have been created to give out statements about the current decision to close and limit the number of immigrants. UK will now be concentrating more on the work force needed to improve further in their economy. More on the work force needed to improve further in their economy will be assessed.

For the graduating students, a last chance for approval may be given for applicants with which there are a lot to miss out. The applications may be given until April of 2012 but never assume that the admission is held at the same level. There will be a lot of changes in the way the UK borer agency works as mandated. They will be giving more attention for detail and screening will be made strict than ever. This is a part of the drive for limiting the number of immigrants.

The extension until April of 2012 is a necessary step, as seen b y the current government and we sure hope that they have played their cards well as this would turn out to big losses over the next couple of years in the Education industry. The education industry is now concerned with the outcome of the decision. This could bring damages in the growth of foreign study in UK, which have given out good profits for sector of education.
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