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The Know-How of Forming California Professional Corporation

16th June 2011
There’s a difference between forming a California corporation and California professional corporation. The latter is more specific. When you talk about California corporation alone, it’s broad as there are different types of corporations. This article...
Author: lawinc
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Singapore Company Registration Guide For Foreign Individuals

28th February 2011
The authority that regulates and facilitates business entities and public accountants in Singapore or the official Singapore company registrar is the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Moreover, it plays a significant role in smoothing ...
Author: asiabiz
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Singapore Company Registration Requirements

31st January 2011
There are various business structures present in Singapore. However, the most famous type of company registered in the country is the Private Limited Company, a type of private company limited by shares and has a separate legal entity from its shareholder...
Author: Shayne
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What is Pte. Ltd. in Singapore company means

07th January 2011
Singapore uses Pte. Ltd., meaning "private limited". A private limited is the most common type of company to be incorporated in Singapore. It is a type of private company limited by shares and registered with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (A...
Author: Shayne
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Advantages of Forming a Singapore Company

26th November 2010
The most convincing part of doing business in Singapore is the corporate taxation where start up companies are to pay Zero tax on the first S$100,000 of chargeable income for the first three consecutive years. In addition, a 50% exemption is given on the ...
Author: ashley123
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Formation of a limited company online…

26th November 2010
Process of incorporating a business is nothing but a ‘Company Formation’, and it is also referred as ‘Company Registration’ sometimes. Under the company law enacted, the company has a separate legal entity to the people who own or operate it. Today eve...
Author: YLC
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The Simplest Singapore Business Setup

16th November 2010
Having one person to own the whole asset as well as the liabilities and responsibilities of the business is the most ideal setup of a micro and small business operations. With the flexibility and dynamism of having one person to own the company, he can...
Author: zbenriquez
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Singapore Company Incorporation: Overview of Each Business Structure

18th October 2010
Business structure can define the relationship of a person with his business including his legal liabilities and duties. The most common examples of Singapore company setup are the sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, and priv...
Author: asiabiz
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Process for New Company Registration - Companies Formation and important Registration

13th October 2010
A company is a separate legal entity which is compulsory to be registered under the company's act 1956. Every country is having its own different procedure of the registration of any firm. In India companies are registered under the law of Companies act 1...
Author: goyalchaman
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What You Need To Realize About Business Incorporation?

09th July 2010
Do you know what incorporation is? There are financial advantages for incorporating. You no longer files taxes as an individual. As the owner, you have 100% of the company stock. By incorporation you are given limited liability protection. Find out some b...
Author: Rudy Silva
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Singapore Company Registration – Points to Ponder

21st June 2010
Singapore is an entrepreneurs Mecca, the business friendly city state has groomed many innate entrepreneurs into successful business moguls. Both foreigners and locals have benefited alike from the pro-business policy of Singapore and have leveraged on ma...
Author: singaporesetup
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Corporate Law, Corporate Constitution And Corporate Litigation

13th April 2010
Corporate law is the set of regulations instigated for the corporate world. The word corporation is synonymous with publicly owned large companies. In US, a company is equivalent to a firm or business, irrespective of whether or not it is a separate legal...
Author: Robert Bell
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UK Limited Company - Benefits

07th April 2010
Having your very own UK Limited company can provide one with considerable advantages as compared with being a sole trader.For one thing it does give consumers the feeling thst s Limited company is a more substantial undertaking than just a one man band.Ho...
Author: UK Tax Refunds

Attorneys For Or Against The Grantor Trust.

25th November 2009
As a definition, a grantor trust is a process that takes place when one decides to organize his/her welfare. The grantor can coordinate his/her belongings during his life time. One of its advantages is that the grantor has the right to change or even canc...
Author: Klik Sail

NGO formation-formation of a non-profit organization

25th November 2009
A Non Governmental Organization (NGO) is an association of a body of individuals with a non-profit motive. An association of persons with non-profit motive i.e. NGO formation can be done under some Indian Acts. NGO formation can be done as charitable trus...
Author: chaman goyal