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Business Law

Singapore Company Registration Guide For Foreign Individuals

28th February 2011
The authority that regulates and facilitates business entities and public accountants in Singapore or the official Singapore company registrar is the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Moreover, it plays a significant role in smoothing ...
Business Law

Legal Advantages That a Singapore Company Incorporation Offers

22nd February 2011
There are many reasons to consider a Singapore Incorporation. One of the most important reasons is the laws against unfair competition. This keeps one business from "taking over" and forming a monopoly that could eliminate a fair business market. The Comp...
Business Law

Singapore Company Setup - Step By Step Guide

25th January 2011
There are certain steps to setup a Singapore company. It takes some time however to accomplish such things. By the time it is done, several things should be taken into consideration. Your business may require a license before you can get started. Howe...
Business Law

Start A Singapore Company Now

14th January 2011
Considering starting your own business? Aside from the fact that the process is exciting, one would also consider it to be profound. Although the process is pretty exciting, it is also thorough. There are several things that needs to be done namely; filin...
Business Law

What Are The Reasons For Setting Up A Company In Singapore

13th January 2011
Singapore is known to be one of the largest financial region in the world.Singapore's port is considered one of the busiest in the world. Singapore provides an amazing location for the establishment of a corporate business. Other thing that makes it amazi...
Business Law

Asiabizsetup Offers Singapore Business Licenses Registration Services

12th January 2011
Singapore is composed of different cultures as the country is located between Indonesia and Malaysia.The east-meets-west profile of Singapore is attractive to foreign investors.Singapore's business is largely influenced by the western fashion while substa...
Business Law

Thinking of Starting a Company? Form a Company Now

10th January 2011
Have you considered setting up your own company? Aside from the fact that the process is exciting, one would also consider it to be profound. Although the process is pretty exciting, it is also thorough. Filing of various legal forms, sending applications...
Business Law

Important Considerations In Locating The Best Company Registration Firm For Your Company

05th January 2011
Incorporating a company is considered to be a great step for businessmen who want to put up a business in Singapore. The successful business person would always seek the aid of an expert when entering a complex environment such as business, whether it is ...
Business Law

Useful Tips For Singapore Company Formation

04th January 2011
Singapore is globally known to be one of Asia's greatest business capital with the best business environment in Asia this past few years. Small and big time businessmen are always welcome in Singapore even if the country is not that big. If you are planni...
Business Law

An Overview on Singapore Company Registration Procedures

15th December 2010
Company registration Singapore procedures are already fully computerized by the Singapore Registrar of Companies. The said computerization enables the process of incorporation fast and efficient because it abolished the prevalence of bureaucracy and red t...
Business Law

Company Registration Singapore: Incorporation Guide

13th December 2010
It has been known worldwide that Singapore is a country that is open minded and multicultural. The country has been popularly Known as the business hub because of what it has to offer to investors. This popularity and economic stability of Singapore attra...
Business Law

Singapore Employment Pass Explained In Detail

23rd November 2010
Acquiring Singapore Employment Pass is what non-Singaporean citizens, or even residents desired in an effort of seeking Singapore's business capabilities. The Singapore Employment Pass is considered as the main working visa to any entrepreneurs, managers,...
Business Law

Incorporate a Company in Singapore

22nd November 2010
While there are a lot of options for foreigners to incorporate a company on various countries, Singapore remains to this day a popular investment destination due to its competitive tax incentives. The great thing about Singapore is that new companies a...
Business Law

All About Company Incorporation in Singapore

17th November 2010
Talking about business incorporation is about the process of making the business as legal entity free from its creator.In the perception of the law, the business organization leader such as the chief executive officer or chairman comprised the specific le...
Business Law

Form a Singapore Corporation and Its Legal Requirements

15th November 2010
A Singapore corporation provides several advantages especially in terms of bankruptcy protection and tax exemptions and benefits. With this, many foreign and local entrepreneurs choose this legal business formation for their companies. However, corpora...
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