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Business Law

Singapore Company Registration Requirements

31st January 2011
There are various business structures present in Singapore. However, the most famous type of company registered in the country is the Private Limited Company, a type of private company limited by shares and has a separate legal entity from its shareholder...
Business Law

What is Pte. Ltd. in Singapore company means

07th January 2011
Singapore uses Pte. Ltd., meaning "private limited". A private limited is the most common type of company to be incorporated in Singapore. It is a type of private company limited by shares and registered with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (A...
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What is a Resident Singapore Company

04th January 2011
Singapore is popular for its attractive tax rates, positive and pro-business policies. Singapore taxes are much lower than most other developed nations and over the years, it has continued to slide down further. Taxes vary for a resident Singapore company...

What Is Singapore Corporate Tax

29th November 2010
Singapore has been widely regarded as a top example of countries that offers reasonable corporate income tax rates. The country continues to reduce Singapore corporate tax rates and offers various tax incentives to convince and maintain foreign investment...
Business Law

Company Registration Singapore: Basic Guide to Incorporation

26th November 2010
Most businessmen consider Singapore as one of the best countries in the world because it offers various business opportunities and it attracts different profiles of customers coming into the country. Singapore has been regarded as an international hub. Th...

Singapore GST Services: About GST

24th November 2010
Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applied almost similarly to Value Added Tax (VAT) in most countries. It was implemented on April 1, 1994 in Singapore and was used as a guide on the UK VAT legislation and New Zealand legislation. Goods and Services Tax...
Business Law

Singapore Sole Proprietor: Registering Sole Proprietorship

23rd November 2010
Sole Proprietorship is the simplest form of business structure in Singapore. Singapore citizens or permanent residents; holders of Employment Pass, EntrePass or Dependantís Pass may register a Sole Proprietorship. Foreigner individuals and companies may a...
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Singapore Sole Proprietor: Guide To Sole Proprietorship Registration

19th November 2010
Singapore Sole Proprietor is the simplest type of businessmen who takes full control, authority and responsibility for all his business assets and liabilities. Singapore citizens or permanent residents; holders of Employment Pass, EntrePass or Dependantís...
Business Law

Singapore Sole Proprietor: Incorporation Requirements

17th November 2010
Singapore Sole Proprietor is a type of businessmen where he has the full authority and control for all assets and liabilities belonging to the business. Local residents of Singapore, Employment Pass holder, EntrePass holder and Dependantís pass holder can...
Business Law

Start a Singapore Company and Experience a Business Friendly Environment

18th October 2010
You will discover three major reasons listed by Rikvin showing why foreign individuals and investors should invest or Start a Singapore Company. Necessities for example comfort to have an account in Singapore, favorable Singapore taxes plus the exemplar...