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The Know-How of Forming California Professional Corporation

16th June 2011
Thereís a difference between forming a California corporation and California professional corporation. The latter is more specific. When you talk about California corporation alone, itís broad as there are different types of corporations. This article...
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Your Guide to Starting a Small Business in California

16th June 2011
They say, make that California dream come true. For most, one of their dreams is to put up a California business. A business they can call their own. After all, nobody would want to become somebody else’s slave for the rest of their lives. Starti...
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6 Helpful Steps in Forming a California LLC

04th February 2011
If you are beyond any doubt ready and determined to form a California Limited Liability Company. The truth is the best route of action is to get your company a group of professionals who concentrate in the formation of LLC and corporations. This is the ca...
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How To Form a California S corporation

19th November 2010
If you are considering incorporation, an S Corporation provides several benefits for business owners if you qualify. This page will help you understand the qualifications needed to elect S Corporation status as well as provide you with step-by-step instru...
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Corporate Minutes In 3 Easy Step

18th October 2010
The company just needs to make an effort to start systematizing the process of generating corporate meeting minutes and resolutions to cover official company business. Your company will take some effort to operate and properly maintain. The validity or...
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How To Form A Corporation

15th October 2010
Your company has grown -- now it's time to upgrade your legal structure to something that will protect you and your assets, as well as provide other benefits. In other words, your business is ready to become either a corporation or a limited liability com...
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Incorporate Your Business in California

14th October 2010
Running a business involves danger - the possibility that the business may either succeed brightly or fail sadly. Incorporating business online is a possible choice, and certainly an option you should consider. There are lots of online incorporation ...