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What You Need To Realize About Business Incorporation?

09th July 2010
By Rudy Silva in Business Law
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Do you know what incorporation is? There are financial advantages for incorporating. You no longer files taxes as an individual. As the owner, you have 100% of the company stock. By incorporation you are given limited liability protection. Find out some benefits in incorporation business in this article.

Business incorporation may be something that you want to consider. A corporation is a legal entity created and recognized by the laws of the States. Although the existence of the corporation is separate from its members, a corporation is regarded like a real person.

This means that it can enter into and dissolve contracts, sue and be sued. Corporations also pay taxes, apart from its owners. They are capable of incurring debts, own and acquire assets, and sell properties and goods.

If business corporations are chartered by a state or federal government, it is recognized as a legal entity with rights, privileges and liabilities. There are many reasons why you should do business incorporation.

Having a limited liability is among them. The owners, known as stock holders or incorporators, are given limited liability protection. This means that the owners are not at high risk for satisfying corporate liabilities and debts.

A separate corporate tax is another. Because a corporation is a separate legal entity, it pays taxes separately as well; particularly if the corporation is type C. Corporate owners pay taxes based on their salaries, dividends and bonuses.

Many businessmen are encouraged to join corporations because they are an attractive investment, considering its excellent built-in stock structure. The stock structure is among the best strategy to attract talented employees by offering them ownership interest either by stock or stock options.

There are circumstances in which the business incorporation has its owner/s its employees. Hence, as an owner and employee, you are entitled for benefits such as health and life insurance. And you will have tax deductions.

State laws dictate that corporations follow an organizational structure. Besides the owners, who are shareholders or stockholders, there will be Board of Directors elected by the owners.

The Board of Directors, in turn, will elect the officers. And the Board of Directors is responsible for managing and exercising rights and duties of the corporation; the officers are responsible for the day-to-day activities, while the shareholders are passive.

The type C Corporation is the most common type of corporations. To this belong the for-profit and state-incorporated businesses. C corporations file their separate income taxes at IRS using form 1120. The business owners are exempted, then, from personal liability for debts incurred by the corporation.

One noteworthy advantage of C business incorporation is the owner's protection of personal assets, in case the business goes bankrupt or sued. C corporations, like other types, can also sue other business corporations.

The General Corporation is another type. It is also the most common corporate structure. If a corporation is general, it may have an unlimited number of stockholders, whom are protected from creditors of the business. This is mainly because of its distinct legal nature.

If one of the shareholders of general business incorporation dies, the ownership continues to live on. The shares of stocks are transferred to the rightful heirs. Moreover, the change of ownership does not affect the management.

Business incorporation is among the safest way to have a business. This is very true if the capital is limited, although, it should not have difficulty employing qualified individuals. If you are interested, you can do thorough research on how to incorporate business.

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