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Steps after winning the Green Card Lottery 2013

25th June 2012
Green Card Lottery is one of the most sought after ways of immigrating to the United States. However not everybody who enters into the lottery becomes a lucky winner. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that the selection process is based on a rando...
Author: Samuel Beckett

Canadian Super Visa : Boon Or Bane for Visitors?

27th January 2012
The recently launched Canadian super visa has generated considerable excitement among both the immigrant community and the political class, and heated debates have already started amongst its supporters and critics. On one hand the Conservative government...
Author: rajeev142

What are the requirements for securing UK Marriage Visa?

03rd October 2011
A UK Marriage/Spouse Visa will enable you to come to the UK to join your partner. You may apply for a UK Spouse Visa on the basis that you are married to a person who is present and settled in the UK. If you are not married to your partner but still...
Author: Ame
Immigration Law

Australian Immigration & India

03rd October 2011
Australia, also called Down Under, enjoys a rather high place among those nations which inspire immigrants from across the world -- more so from India. Actually, the concept of Australian Immigration from India has caught on, and a large number of people ...
Author: Abhinav Visas and Immigration Services
Immigration Law

Visa & Immigration Assistance with Abhinav

12th September 2011
It may not be easy to get visa to a nation, especially if the targeted destination happens to be the US or Australia or Canada. The whole immigration process may be lengthy, cumbersome, and also plagued with several perplexing and complex issues. It is qu...
Author: preeti sharma
Immigration Law

Popular Immigration Destinations of the world in 2010

23rd May 2011
The year of 2010 remained quite encouraging for global migrants citing the increased immigration figures and adoption of open immigration policy by many countries. Past few years saw a restrictive immigration trend by several popular nations due to econom...
Author: Abhinav Visas and Immigration Services
Immigration Law

New Delhi Immigration Consultant

18th May 2011
Immigration involves severe legal complications that can be easily solved with the help of expert visa consultancies. The city of Delhi is well ahead of other states when counting the number of visa applications from a state. Visa applicants from Delhi an...
Author: preeti sharma
Immigration Law

Immigration Consulting Services in India

11th May 2011
Immigration is a process where an individual or a group moves from one country to another with the intentions of permanently settling there. Natural or man made calamity could be one of the reasons. Marriage is another reason where one person immigrates t...
Author: Subhash Kashyap

Fraud Waiver for False Marital Status Claim

30th March 2011
It seems that most everyone knows how difficult it is to deal with the United States Embassy, especially the one in Manila. As a result, many individuals resort to committing fraud and/or providing incorrect information on visa applications so that their ...
Author: bruceld9
Immigration Law

Domestic Violence Sufferers in AZ Illegally Now Face Serious Problems

14th March 2011
Arizona's controversial immigration bill, SB-1070, has had far reaching consequences for some Arizona inhabitants. That consists unlisted fatalities of domestic violence who are living in Arizona. These domestic violence victims face a legal limbo: while ...
Author: Aditya Mittal
Immigration Law

The results of the Arrest File in your K1 Visa Thailand

10th March 2011
The application process for a K1 Visa Thailand demands delving to the prior background with the Thai fiancée visa applicant. As these kinds of, earlier delinquent and criminal records are anticipated to be perused in an effort to accurately discern the su...
Author: Charley Wilkins
Immigration Law

Understanding How to Migrate to Canada From Jamaica

01st March 2011
When considering how to migrate to Canada from Jamaica, you'll find that this is not a simple task. Friendly, welcoming, and economically sound, Canada is often seen as a viable place to migrate. Once you have begun your research, however, you will qui...
Author: Canadian Immigration
Immigration Law

Specialists Solicitor Of Claims And Immigration

25th February 2011
Clifford Johnston Solicitor in Manchester Clifford Johnston, famous solicitor in Manchester has been providing legal services and solutions on Accident Claims, Civil Litigation, Conveyancing, Criminal Defence, Driving Offenses, Elderly Clients, Family ...
Author: James Anderson
Immigration Law

The effects of a Criminal Report on your K1 Visa Thailand

21st February 2011
The application method for any K1 Visa Thailand demands delving in to the preceding historical past of your Thai fiancée visa applicant. As like, previous delinquent and criminal records are expected to be perused in an work to accurately discern the suit...
Author: Jon Raymond
Immigration Law

Visa Applications Currently being Held

11th February 2011
Another main problem faced by immigrants to Australia is waiting for their visa to make its way into their profiles so they can commence working. It has been not too long ago noticed that expert immigrants who have been sponsored by the federal government...
Author: Lewis Pitts
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