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The effects of a Criminal Report on your K1 Visa Thailand

21st February 2011
By Jon Raymond in Immigration Law
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The application method for any K1 Visa Thailand demands delving in to the preceding historical past of your Thai fiancée visa applicant. As like, previous delinquent and criminal records are expected to be perused in an work to accurately discern the suitability of your applying get together.

A lot more typically than not, getting a criminal report entails the eventual denial of the US visa application in Thailand. As a rule, getting a prior criminal report is probably the grounds enumerated for denial. Nonetheless, this rule admits of the very restricted exception within the form of an "extreme hardship" waiver or possibly a 601 application form. Furthermore, the Thai K1 visa applicant have to be able to persuade the federal government company managing her application the crime concerned was not one that involved moral turpitude. Even the act of gambling by enjoying cards at a friend's house is a criminal offence in Thailand. According to reviews within the Phuket Gazette newspaper, this can be generally the primary criminal offense in which Thais are arrested for every month inside the province of Phuket Thailand. The Thai Fiancée who includes a previous arrest document for his so known as small offense will be barred from receiving approval of a Fiance visa in the US Embassy in Bangkok.

Current developments while in the legal system have justified the stringent requirements laid down through the law. It really is of public information that K-1 visa applications are linked towards the pernicious practice of mail purchase brides. In an energy to abate this wide-spread phenomenon, the United States Congress has previously passed the Worldwide Marriage Broker Regulation Act in 2005. This law mandates that American applicants who may have been convicted of selected crimes of violence, abuse crimes and people involving medications declare this on their petition, between other points.

Yet another latest attempt could be the passing of your Adam Walsh Child Safety and Security Act of 2006 wherein any particular person convicted of a felony intercourse crime involving children is ineligible or disqualified from petitioning a foreigner to immigrate towards the United States, such as on the K1 visa. The Secretary of your Department of Homeland Security, at his discretion, can issue a waiver of this Act.
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