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Australian Immigration & India

Australia, also called Down Under, enjoys a rather high place among those nations which inspire immigrants from across the world -- more so from India. Actually, the concept of Australian Immigration from India has caught on, and a large number of people from this part of the world are being welcomed there with a view to fill the acute shortage of labor in the nation. Many Indian immigrants also make a move to the nation buoyed by the prospects of better educational opportunities there.

Certainly, Australia. is a dream destination for all. It welcomes skilled migrants from all over globe to stay, work and boost its economy. People from India have already left their mark in several domains and they play a key role towards the growth of Australia by employing their skills and potentials to boost the economy of any state or province they may be putting in and doing their jobs. No wonder, Australia is rolling out red carpet welcome for the immigration applicants from India with much interest hoping it would pay rich dividends.

A report suggests that immigration from India is heading north significantly -- thanks to the growing proportion of people making a move to the nation. In this connection, the year 1976 was a landmark. During that year, a huge number of professionals from Computer Software made a move to the nation heralding what is called Silicon Chip revolution. Software professionals and engineers from this part of the world are still much sought after there with most of the big IT shops and IT firms Down Under being swarmed with the potential IT professionals of Indian origins. Lately, the nation is witnessing a relatively new surge of immigration from the country of India.

Yet another report says that the targeted nation is processing the highest number of temporary 457 visa applications since 2008 with the main reason being swelled demand for workers from abroad. Though the economy of the nation headed south, much like other nations, in the aftermath of the global economic catastrophe; Australia was not as hit as hard as most of the other nations.

As a result, Australian businesses are falling over each other to cover vacancies, and are using the temporary 457 work visa to roll out red carpet for those workers who are skilled -- mainly from nations like India which has no dearth of such workers who are inspired by immigration and the prospects of a better and improved economic future in particular, and better life in general, Down Under.
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