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Popular Immigration Destinations of the world in 2010

The year of 2010 remained quite encouraging for global migrants citing the increased immigration figures and adoption of open immigration policy by many countries. Past few years saw a restrictive immigration trend by several popular nations due to economic downturn but the year of 2010 exhibited many good news of financial recovery on international level. From the very starting of 2010 many encouraging news of economic recovery and market gains have created a way for increased worldwide immigration.

Canada was at the top of the list providing maximum visa permits to foreign nationals in 2010. The Canadian government which continuously excelled on immigration figures opened its immigration gates wide open accommodating millions of visa candidates from all over the world. Canada has issued considerable amounts of visa approvals in almost every visa program of the nations. The maximum visa permits are awarded under categories such as Investor or business class, temporary skilled immigration, student visa and family class.

Australian immigration remains next popular on the list in worldwide immigration. Australia has well admitted considerable figure of foreign talents and skills to its land. The government has awarded maximum visa permits to foreign skilled workers followed by students and permanent residency. The government increased skilled immigration quota slightly and decreased family class immigration. The overall immigration plan was set to 168, 700 for the year 2010-11 by the Aussies government which is almost same with slight increase from the last year.

New Zealand follows after Australia in terms of immigration popularity and visa applications. Many visa programs of New Zealand cite a surging trend especially in skilled and temporary workers category. NZ government has well invited sound figure of global migrants in the popular categories such as skilled workers, sponsored category and student visa class.

Rest popular destinations are Singapore and Hong Kong among worldwide visitors and visa candidates. These two mainland remained few of the nations showing increasing immigration trend likewise federal Canada. The Immigration departments of Singapore and Hong Kong adopted inviting immigration policies to attract more and more abroad skills. The major immigration categories were business class immigration and investor schemes followed by skilled workers work permit.

Two major countries adopting restrictive immigration policies were UK and Denmark in 2010 and they continued to stick with their immigration policies. Though, impending election in Denmark can change the immigration figure making it encouraging for global immigrants as proposed and promised by all opposition parties.
Overall the year of 2010 emerged as satisfactory year for global migrants who were forced to back home due to increasing unemployment rates and job slashing in past periods. 2010 has shown encouraging immigration news from all over the world.
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