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Understanding How to Migrate to Canada From Jamaica

01st March 2011
By Canadian Immigration in Immigration Law
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When considering how to migrate to Canada from Jamaica, you'll find that this is not a simple task.

Friendly, welcoming, and economically sound, Canada is often seen as a viable place to migrate. Once you have begun your research, however, you will quickly find that the process is highly complex. Both Canada and Jamaica are primarily English-speaking countries, and part of the Commonwealth. Yet, acquiring visas, and proving the existence of travel and living expenses, is just the beginning of the journey.

Working in Canada

A competent professional individual with a background of experience, in anything from the medical field to education to IT, would general anticipate that he or she could fare well in Canada. The challenge is that a degree may not be recognized or honored in Canada. This also means that those skills you thought you had acquired may not translate, or be useful in the Canadian workforce.

There are prerequisites for obtaining a visa as well. First, visa prerequisites include a test regarding either English or French language skills. Next, you must have an existing employer in Canada that will sponsor you.

Business immigrants

When it comes to entrepreneurs and investors, the same language exam is necessary. In addition, a proven $300,000 nest egg, along with a documented intent to invest a minimum of $800,000 in a Canadian company, are qualifications.

Study in Canada

Student visas entail paperwork as well. The most current 4 months of bank account registers, plus proof of funds for tuition and lodging, are required. As well, the college acceptance letter, a written medical examination that confirms stable health, and police records that prove the absence of a criminal past are just the starting point of necessary documents.

Provincial Nominee Program

Generally, the Consulate is involved in processing visa applications. The exception to this rule is a Provincial Nominee. Such an individual is invited by a Canadian region to live and work there. Each province has specific and unique requirements.

To start, the nominee must present the certificate that confirms their invitation. This certificate will also show that they have completed the full application for that portion of the procedure. Again, a thorough medical examination must be performed and documented in order to prove the health status of the nominee. A background search and police records must confirm no history of a criminal past.

Although the amount is arbitrary in these circumstances, the nominee must prove possession of ample funds in order to settle and reside in the country. This proof must be reinforced through the demonstration of marketable skills that will enable a sufficient contribution to the province.

Work temporarily

In order to obtain a temporary work visa, the first prerequisite is proof of a legitimate offer of employment at a Canadian organization. Then, the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSDC) must also provide written support documentation ascertaining that the Canadian hiring company has the authorization to employ a temporary and foreign worker.

Immigration requirements

Police documentation must be provided, in addition to confirmation of financial resources that are ample to last throughout the intended Canadian engagement. An official doctor's visit, examination, and written documentation is another required aspect of this visa application as well. Temporary or not, the thorough entry process is very similar among all of the intended immigrant categories.

In every aspect, other than the weather, an anticipated move to Canada may initially appear appealing. In reality, however, it is essential to become educated about the many documents and details that must be provided in order to be considered for a visa. Knowing how to migrate to Canada from Jamaica takes some research and planning.

Double-check that all necessary papers are in order prior to submitting any application, and be sure to stay current with any relevant requirements.

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