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B.C PNP – Canadian Immigration

11th January 2012
British Columbia has an immigration program split into two categories. The Strategic Occupations Stream, requires all applicants to have a valid job offer that conforms to certain requirements from an employer in British Columbia. British Columbia's Busin...
Author: fwcanada
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All about New Zealand Immigration Points System

26th September 2011
Those wishing to immigrate to the Land of Endless Opportunities, New Zealand, must find out if they can qualify for residence. Immigration to another nation requires several things. Every nation has to ensure that each immigrant would overall bring a lot ...
Author: preeti sharma
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H1B Visa Application

20th September 2011
The H1B Visa is the primary US work visa made available to foreign workers from all over the world. The H1B visa program was introduced by the US Government to offer and enable skilled International Professionals and/or International Students, the opport...
Author: hazel Ickes
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Applying for Work and Permanent Residency in New Zealand

10th June 2011
Basically, your job is such an essential element in your life that could somehow influence your happiness in several ways. In fact, employment is found to be an integral part in the immigration process. Your job will not only give stable and steady inco...
Author: Louie Jane M. Caturza
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Immigrate before gates get closed!

03rd May 2011
With heaps and heaps of population craving to surf for better future prospects, Immigration to other countries with oodles of dreams in their minds is the only thing which is coming to everyone’s mind these days. But government of such countries is gettin...
Author: Abhinav Visas and Immigration Services
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Role of Immigration Lawyer London in Tier 1 Visa

28th April 2011
If you are looking forward to applying for a Tier 1 UK visa, an immigration lawyer London is what you need for the successful completion of the procedure in a systematic manner. However, before we proceed about how an immigration lawyer London can be of h...
Author: altafpatel
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Canada Immigration Why Canada is the place to immigrate to

28th March 2011
With a high number of baby boomers retiring this year, Canada is in need of more immigrants from all over the world to fill out the shortages of our job market. Canada is planning to bring a significant number of immigrants to reach its immigration quota ...
Author: seovancouverca
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New Zealand is World Renowned as Safest and Friendliest

15th March 2011
The Skilled Migrant route is a way to help New Zealand to fill their employment needs. Applicants are selected based upon the value they can add to the New Zealand economy and labour force. This the category that most immigrants to New Zealand qualify und...
Author: Robet morkal
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Employment Based Green Card

20th January 2011
Permanent Residents or Green Card holders are authorized to live and work permanently in the United States. United States offers green cards to people in various ways and one of them is the employment based Green Card. In general, this means that an indiv...
Author: Paul Anderson
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Proposed abolition of Tier 1 (General) and Tier 1 (Post Study Work) Visas from April 2011.

05th January 2011
How it will affect Migrants and UK Businesses? Manpreet Singh, 06 December 2010, London The UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, on 23 November 2010 announced caps on Non-EU workers in Tier 2 category from April 2011 and the abolition of Tier 1 (General) a...
Author: Immigration Angels
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H-2B visa - requirements and procedure

08th November 2010
Individuals who wish to work in the US try to enter the US in various categories. One such non immigrant visa which brings the foreign nationals into the US to do the non agricultural jobs is the H-2B visa .These are used by the US employers to engage th...
Author: Samuel Beckett
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Getting a H1 visa

20th October 2010
Every foreign national who wishes to enter United States must obtain a visa. The United States visas are classified into Immigrant and Non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visas are used by people who wish to travel to live permanently in US. Non-immigrant vi...
Author: Paul Anderson

Top 3 Reasons for Fail Background Check

17th August 2010
Finding a job in this economy can be a daunting and difficult task. In a competitive job market employers become more stringent and will disqualify applicants that provide incorrect or incomplete information about themselves over the past 10 years. When e...
Author: Real Background Checks
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Is the New Social Security Verification System "SSNVS" Making Life Easier for Employers

12th July 2010
The Social Security Administration recently (finally) created a database that employers can access to verify that the SSN number of an employee is accurate. Great news, right? Who needs pre-employment social security number verifications as part of the ba...
Author: Brad Jones