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Canada Immigration Why Canada is the place to immigrate to

28th March 2011
By seovancouverca in Immigration Law
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With a high number of baby boomers retiring this year, Canada is in need of more immigrants from all over the world to fill out the shortages of our job market. Canada is planning to bring a significant number of immigrants to reach its immigration quota for 2011; between 240,000 and 265,000 immigrants.

Many jobs and business opportunities are available to new comers and more skilled and business people are needed under the economic class. Certain provinces have their own selection of immigration; therefore making it easier and faster for an applicant to be approved as they will not be evaluated based on the six selection criteria. .

Canada welcomes people from all walks of life, making it truly a multicultural country.
Some of Canada’s ethnic diversity consists of; South Asians, Chinese, Filipino, Germans, Italians, Ukrainians, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, etc. .

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Other ways for a speedy application process for applicants living outside Canada .

Not to many applicants living outside Canada may be able to obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer, so in this case a skilled worker applicant may consider applying under the Provincial Nominee Class. Some provinces in Canada have their own selection of immigration. .

In many instances these provinces may be in need of a number of Pharmacists or Industrial Mechanics etc. In this case an applicant will apply to that province first under their Nominee program. .

If the applicant is approved by the province, then their immigration process with CIC will be very fast.

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