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Immigrate before gates get closed!

With heaps and heaps of population craving to surf for better future prospects, Immigration to other countries with oodles of dreams in their minds is the only thing which is coming to everyone’s mind these days. But government of such countries is getting particular about whom they should accept as their citizens and which part of the population should be barred from entering their premises. And Canada is no exception. The tightening of immigration laws is further adding hot oil in the already hot pan! What to do in this scenario? First advice would be to prepare to file your application, if you are expecting to be mentioned in the new occupation list. Another action would be to file your application, if already listed in the current list and quota is still open! Remember that the current list is applicable till June 30th, 2011. One certainly cannot have any control over the processing time, but prepare to file or filing the case early may act as an advantage in your favour. Further, it will enhance your chances of qualifying for a Canadian visa before the amendments in immigration laws, which is beyond anyone’s control.

The introduction of Arranged Employment Opinion has come in the form of savoir for all those prospective applicants who have big dreams in their eyes, but are otherwise unable to qualify under the list of occupation in demand for Canada.

Under the Arranged Employment Opinion, not only can they gain additional points by getting employment offer from a Canadian employer but move one step further for applying for a Permanent Resident status in Canada in the later stages. The job offer in itself is an indication that the skills of the overseas nationals are in demand in Canadian provinces. Hence, application decked with an approved permanent job offer would face a quicker processing time with additional points in comparison with the ones which do not have job offers. The involvement of an expert immigration and visa consultant ( is the key here.
Please note that the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)/Service Canada takes into account various facets before assessing a job offer. These are:

• the occupation in which the overseas national will be employed in;
• financial aspects like wages
• what are the working ambiance offered
• the authenticity of the job offer
• what is the history of the employer; and
• the nature of the offer: whether it is permanent, full-time, and non-seasonal.

For further clarification on Arranged Employment opinion or any other visa options to various potential countries, write a mail at
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