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Role of Immigration Lawyer London in Tier 1 Visa

28th April 2011
By altafpatel in Immigration Law
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If you are looking forward to applying for a Tier 1 UK visa, an immigration lawyer London is what you need for the successful completion of the procedure in a systematic manner. However, before we proceed about how an immigration lawyer London can be of help to you, let us discuss some of the basic aspects of the Tier 1 visa.

Tier 1 visa allows you to look for self employment opportunities and work in the United Kingdom as a highly skilled person. While you apply for this visa, you do not need to have a job offer; however, your qualifications, age, previous jobs, UK experience, funds and language skills are given a lot of importance. It is also possible for you to extend your stay period while you are already enjoying the benefits of the Tier 1 visa. Moreover, a Tier 1 visa can have various categories like Tier 1 general Visa, Tier 1 Investor visa, Tier 1 Post Study Visa and Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. It is important for you to understand these intricacies while you are applying for a Tier 1 UK visa; an immigration lawyer London can help you by advising on various issues related to immigration and UK.

An immigration lawyer London is also helpful in aiding you to understand the various aspects of living in the Great Britain as a skilful worker. Moreover, the laws and rules relating to UK Tier 1 visa can be complicated and as an ordinary individual, you might be in need of specialized guidance to comprehend them fully. Moreover, for safety issues, you must understand the legal aspects of Tier 1 visa and who can be better than an immigration lawyer London when it comes to being aware of these regulations?

When you apply for a UK Tier 1 visa, generally, you need to follow the following procedure:
● You must check the Tier 1 visa regulations from UK Border Agency website.
● Once the Tier 1 visa is selected, and you have clicked on the ‘next’ option, continue following all the prompts till answers are provided to all the application questions.
● The application form needs to be printed, and all the information needs to be filled. A Tier 1 check should be made out to the Immigration Department.

● The supporting documentation which includes degrees and certificates, bank statements, financial assets and savings accounts, should be gathered and produced to the appropriate address.

As you can understand, a lot many documentation and formalities are involved. An immigration lawyer London could help you in completion of these aspects and get a Tier 1 visa without much difficulty.

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