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Tax avoidance or Tax planning?

16th March 2011
Anyone that wishes to set up a business in Cyprus must first of all decide the business vehicle he will use. There are plenty of options which are : sole proprietorship, partnership, branch and private limited company. The latter is the most commonly use...
Author: Chris

Expat taxes may be lower, but require extra care

21st February 2011
Expat taxes may be lower, but require extra care Citizens of the United States who in order to lessen the economic strain from living in the US move to a foreign find out regularly that the tax exemptions afforded to US expats can be significant.That's on...
Author: Steven Forbes

Tax Smart Investing in Retirement

09th February 2011
So, choose the best tax consultants who are specialized in the market. You may pay some money in terms of consulting fee as it would be insignificant amount in formant of the amount you save while paying the expat taxes. Save significant amount on the exp...
Author: Phil Salazar
Business Law

Valuable Information On Singapore Company Registration

04th January 2011
Singapore is not just known as one of the most admired business capital in the world but the country is also known for giving world class services not just in local but also international. To provide and assist applicants with their needed requirements...
Author: BrianPerez
Business Law

What is a Resident Singapore Company

04th January 2011
Singapore is popular for its attractive tax rates, positive and pro-business policies. Singapore taxes are much lower than most other developed nations and over the years, it has continued to slide down further. Taxes vary for a resident Singapore company...
Author: Shayne
Bankruptcy Law

Entrepreneurs Guide to Forming a Company in Singapore

08th December 2010
In Singapore a foreign business organization can choose three business structures namely representative office, branch office, and subsidiary company. Each of these structures has its objective, benefits as well as drawbacks. Meanwhile, this is a guide...
Author: Mackie
Business Law

Key Differences Between the 3 Types of Singapore Company Formations

16th November 2010
There are a lot of advantages that businesses in Singapore would enjoy- advantages such as it is near major markets, the government is practical and reasonable, the benefits that foreign companies would enjoy in terms of taxes and corporate laws. These ar...
Author: zbenriquez
Business Law

Form a Singapore Corporation and Its Legal Requirements

15th November 2010
A Singapore corporation provides several advantages especially in terms of bankruptcy protection and tax exemptions and benefits. With this, many foreign and local entrepreneurs choose this legal business formation for their companies. However, corpora...
Author: asiabiz
Business Law

Start a Singapore Company and Experience a Business Friendly Environment

18th October 2010
You will discover three major reasons listed by Rikvin showing why foreign individuals and investors should invest or Start a Singapore Company. Necessities for example comfort to have an account in Singapore, favorable Singapore taxes plus the exemplar...
Author: Shayne

2010 Payroll Software- How Do Employers Qualify for a Tax Exemption

02nd June 2010
Washington has recently enacted the HIRE Act (Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment). This new law includes two tax incentives for employers to hire workers who were previously unemployed or only working part time. The tax benefits apply to workers hire...
Author: Lisa Heather

How to Minimize the Different Forms of Tax liability

23rd March 2010
Many people get the tax time jitters... You wait anxiously for your accountant to tell you the good news or the bad news. But it doesn't always have to be like this. You can help yourself by minimizing how much money you could owe at the next tax year. Kn...
Author: Arun

Income Tax Rates - Related Resource For Income Tax Rates

15th March 2010
Do you make your own income tax return to save cash on preparation? If you do, or you are planning on using this method on your next return, there are a few things that you should really know that will help you to avoid making high-priced income tax error...
Author: monty111

NGO formation-formation of a non-profit organization

25th November 2009
A Non Governmental Organization (NGO) is an association of a body of individuals with a non-profit motive. An association of persons with non-profit motive i.e. NGO formation can be done under some Indian Acts. NGO formation can be done as charitable trus...
Author: chaman goyal

Which Are Tax Exempt Organizations And What Are The Privileges?

09th November 2009
There are many types of businesses that are able to apply for tax exemptions from the government. These tax exempt organizations types include churches, charities, political associations, non-public charitable foundations and other non-profit business typ...
Author: Clinton Shepard