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Expat taxes may be lower, but require extra care

21st February 2011
By Steven Forbes in Taxes
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Expat taxes may be lower, but require extra care

Citizens of the United States who in order to lessen the economic strain from living in the US move to a foreign find out regularly that the tax exemptions afforded to US expats can be significant.That's on account of the generous income exclusions awarded by the IRS to US citizens living abroad which can add up in one's favor Keep in mind the regulation revolving around income exclusions are not always easy to interpret. Due to their length and complexity, it takes hours just to read the IRS regulations for expat taxes.
cutting through the jargon and getting down to it, basically, it paints a pretty picture for expats that are guided and file with careful study and expert comprehension. The responsibility of a US citizen living abroad to file timely US tax returns never ends as long as that person retains their citizenship. The amount of expat taxes due depends to a great extent on the taxpayer's ability to qualify for what is called the foreign income exclusion. Qualifying for the "Tax Free" income exclusion would require an expat to prove foreign residence the two ways are either the bona fide residence test or the physical presence test. Right now the exclusion is for $91,000 of an expats incomeDetermining whether an American living in a foreign country can earn up to $91,000 "tax free" often requires professional expertise. For US citizens living in a foreign country that want to lower their tax liability while abiding by the law, A Certified Public Accountant firm specialized in expat issues is by far the best route.we'll mention one in this article that recently increased its headcount in order to satisfy the growing demand for specialized expat Taxes services, Tax Planner CPA. Tax Planner CPA also provides a wealth of free information about expat taxes and related issues on its website. (Expat Tax).

A valuble introduction into tax liability for Americans living or working outside of the country is made available at the firm's blog; put together by the firms CPA's and legal professionals it's a good starting point. Sometimes American expats wonder, "Why should I pay any taxes to the US at all if I'm not even living there?" That's when it should feel good to remember that if you are lucky to be a US citizen then you are also privileged to the advantages and protections that this citizenship guarantees and you should feel proud to pay your taxes wherever you choose to live, With careful and informed calculation of one's expat taxes, living abroad as a US Expat can prove to be a pretty good bargain for the savvy.(Expat Tax).

US citizens who move to a foreign country to reduce their living expenses often find that their expat taxes are lower than when they lived in the States, at least the taxes they must pay to the United States government.
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