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Start a Singapore Company and Experience a Business Friendly Environment

18th October 2010
By Shayne in Business Law
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You will discover three major reasons listed by Rikvin showing why foreign individuals and investors should invest or
Start a Singapore Company. Necessities for example comfort to have an account in Singapore, favorable Singapore taxes plus the exemplary quality lifestyle in Singapore.

“Note that Singapore ranked# 1 round the “World’s Easiest Spot to do Business” list on the planet Bank’s Conducting business Report 2010. Singapore company incorporation could possibly be completed inside the day's time with minimal formalities. Singapore's immigration policy is open and generous in managing transfer of foreign company owners and foreign professional staff,” Rikvin said.

Rikvin firmly stated that Singapore follows a territorial system of taxation and hire a single-tier tax system. The tax system of Singapore is very convincing and favorable due to the low taxes, tax incentives and tax exemptions. New companies can usually make the most of tax exemptions. Companies can usually reap some great benefits of industry-specific tax incentives plus a comprehensive tax treaty network.

Rikvin also presented these foreign company offices easily for sale in Singapore, among which may be Branch Office, Subsidiary and Representative Office (RO). The three business structures were briefly explained Rikvin the following:
1. Branch office: A branch office is definitely an extension with the foreign parent company and is not another legal entity. Liabilities extend to your parent company.
2. Subsidiary: A subsidiary is often a Singapore private limited company and it is another legal entity. Liability is restricted for the subsidiary and doesn't extend towards the foreign parent company.
3. Representative office (RO): A RO does not have legal status and is really a temporary administrative office meant for conducting general market trends or co-coordinating activities. Liabilities extend on the foreign parent company.

One of several three available business structures, Rikvin observed probably the most accepted may be the Subsidiary company that's in essence Singapore incorporated private limited liability company. An exclusive limited company can be a tax cost-effective, separate legal entity that delivers limited liability to its members.

Whichever business structure is chosen, Rikvin assured any foreign business individual and companies that it's smart decision to begin a Singapore company making a world-class business environment present in the USA.

Rikvin is an ACRA registered service bureau. We provide a complete corporate solution under one roof for Singapore company registration of private limited companies, formation of offshore companies with opening of corporate accounts, business registration including accounting, tax, immigration related to work passes visa and compliance services in Singapore.

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