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Lemon Law

Texas Used Car Lemon Law

03rd January 2012
Where do all those repurchased or bought back lemon cars from the lemon car owners by the car manufacturers go? They are put up in the yard as a pre-owned car for used car buyers. Where do all those lemon recalls end up? The lemon cars are laundered and...
Author: johnkevin
Lemon Law

Lemon Law For Used Cars - How You Can Benefit From It?

15th November 2011
I have been training law for about 11 many years right now, and the last few years have been focused on dealing with Lemon Law claims. The number one query that I acquire at my workplace is "Does the actual PA Lemon Law cover used vehicles? " As of the da...
Author: BookerWatts
Lemon Law

California Puppy Lemon Law

20th October 2011
As lengthy as the initial restore try took place inside of the specified guarantee interval, a leased or obtained motor vehicle can qualify underneath the California Employed Car or truck Lemon Legislation even immediately after that period.Generally, 1 c...
Author: EfrainPrice
Lemon Law

Ohio's New Car Lemon Law Gets Revised in an Aftermath to the March 11 Tsunami

05th October 2011
Ohio has modified its new car lemon laws following the March 11 Tsunami in Japan. These changes in the Ohio lemon law for new cars are in response to the request made by the automakers who are finding it hard to acquire spare parts for safety repairs in t...
Author: johnkevin
Lemon Law

The California Used Car Lemon Law

23rd August 2011
Purchasing a car is one of the most expensive propositions most of us make after a house. According to the National Institute for Consumer Education, the average price of a new car is about $18,000. Some people can afford this price and many of look else ...
Author: johnkevin
Lemon Law

What Comes about Following a Lemon Laws in Texas Hearing?

09th June 2011
The security hazard examination: To pass this examination, the car should have been taken for repair when in the first twelve months of purchase or 12,000 miles and then it need to be sent for repair for the exact same matter the moment once more in the f...
Author: Refugio Kane
Lemon Law

Getting to Know the California Lemon Law

23rd March 2011
Before the government enacted lemon laws covering automobiles, the average buyer had little to no recourse if they were to buy a car that was later found to have repeated problems due to defects in the manufacturing process. At this point in time the onl...
Author: Norman Taylor
Lemon Law

Automobile Lemon Laws A Implies To Protect Customer Rights

14th March 2011
You have most likely heard of auto lemon laws ahead of, but do you really understand the implications of these laws? As a client, you ought to, due to the fact the car lemon laws will serve you in circumstances exactly where you conclude up unintentionall...
Author: worminto65
Lemon Law

Defining Lemon Laws and Consumer Rights

09th August 2010
A lemon car is a vehicle that has faults that cause the vehicle to be dangerous or not perform properly. Frequently these failures don't show themselves when the vehicle is first purchased. The vehicle is thought of as a lemon if these defects are still n...
Author: Chris

Indiana Lemon Law for Used Cars and Other Indiana Laws that Cover Used Cars

05th August 2010
Indiana lemon law does apply to Indiana used cars, provided the problem was reported to the manufacturer or it's authorized dealer within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles from the vehicle's original in-service date/mileage. Lemon Laws in Indiana: ...
Author: danielaiden
Lemon Law

California Lemon Law is Consumer Friendly

11th April 2010
News is that BMW had recently bought a defective Mini Cooper back from a consumer in California. Statistics show that the chances of car manufacturers buying their defective vehicles back are much higher in California than they are in Texas. The lemon law...
Author: felixtim
Lemon Law

The Lemon Problem for Used Cars - Spot the Lemon before it is too late

31st March 2010
As the prices of new cars are going up buying used vehicles started appearing to be a more attractive alternative. New vehicles, the moment they leave the dealership, start getting depreciated in their value and the pre-owned cars start appearing to be sm...
Author: peterkevin
Lemon Law

Indiana Lemon Laws

23rd March 2010
Buying or Leasing New or Used Vehicles in the State Of Indiana Understanding Indiana Lemon Laws Indiana lemon law covers Consumers who buy or lease new or used vehicles in the state of Indiana Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 10...
Author: danielaiden
Lemon Law

Introducing Lemon Laws in Australia

21st December 2009
In many countries, including the US and the EU, the government offers protection to consumers with Lemon Laws, laws that require car manufacturers and retailers to be held accountable for vehicles that are qualified as "lemons". Recently, there has been d...
Author: Scott Jamieson

Ohio Lemon Law - Your Last Recourse

17th November 2006
If you buy a new vehicle, you are sure to have a warranty from the manufacturer. What it does is that it requires the manufacturer to pay for parts and service if any problem arises. Now, if the problem is critical and it falls under the warranty, all you...
Author: Kevin Bishop