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Your Lemon Motor Vehicle and the Indiana Lemon Law

14th February 2011
The Indiana lemon law can afford you the protection you would need if you have unwittingly bought yourself a lemon vehicle. Get rid of your lemon motor vehicle through the Indiana lemon law. The Indiana lemon law can under the right circumstances make the...

Indiana Lemon Law for Used Cars and Other Indiana Laws that Cover Used Cars

05th August 2010
Indiana lemon law does apply to Indiana used cars, provided the problem was reported to the manufacturer or it's authorized dealer within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles from the vehicle's original in-service date/mileage. Lemon Laws in Indiana: ...
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California lemon law aided by Car buyer's Bill of Rights Includes Cooling Off Period for used car bu

23rd June 2010
California's lemon law, one of the first in the nation, has now been reinforced by the addition of the Car Buyer's Bill of Rights. Now, those who buy used cars will be protected against buying used lemon cars. California was the first state in the count...
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Wisconsin Lemon Law

21st May 2010
Under Wisconsin Lemon Law You May Be Entitled To Twice the Damages The Wisconsin Lemon Law is a statutory form of recovery which became effective on November 3, 1983. The Wisconsin Lemon can apply to new vehicles, used vehicles purchased within the wri...