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The Child Is The One Who Counts Most In Child Custody

29th January 2013
Child custody would require the knowledge and expertise of a family lawyer in order to cut through the legal issues surrounding it. When the divorce took place between men and women then it also creates problems to the children associated with them. As th...
Author: danielperry
Family Law

Why couples sought Separation Agreement then divorce in Ireland?

27th June 2012
In marital breakdown, the husband and wife have to make the most serious decisions for themselves and their children at a time when they are most unable to do so. The number of divorced people in Ireland has doubled in the last 10 years Ė and the fig...
Author: Clark_Taylor

Views of Criminal Cases

29th March 2012
Crimes are usually categorized as felonies or misdemeanors based on their nature and the maximum punishment that can be imposed. A felony involves serious misconduct that is punishable by death or by imprisonment for more than one year. Most state crimina...
Author: Vikas Gupta

Children & Divorce - The Effects

29th June 2011
Young people face a wide range of emotions once discover their parents are getting a divorce. It's no different from what the adults feel but they might not have all the facts. This can result in children blaming themselves for the divorce. They'll rememb...
Author: Roger Fischer

Act Sensible and Get a Tax Refund

06th May 2011
Practically absolutely everyone has to pay out some type of taxes to the authorities. The government further utilizes this tax amount for the welfare of citizens. Even so, there are instances when some men and women overpay their taxes. As a consequence, ...
Author: geraldtudo81

Looking For Newly Updated Divorce Records For Canada

15th February 2011
A North American country, Canada has ten provinces and three territories. Its total land area is the second largest space in the world. Economically, it is reported as one of the highly progressive locations worldwide. For the welfare of its people, the c...
Author: Ben Dave

Balancing between Tax Rate and Tax Revenue

05th February 2011
Governments around the world have used various forms of taxes to generate revenue of their annual budget which is in return spent of stateís welfare. Larger tax collection would mean bigger budget with the Federal and State governments and they would prov...
Author: conorwilliamss

What Divorce Can Do To Your Lives

20th January 2011
It is not an uncommon occurrence in Florida for women to initiate divorce. Divorce is probably the first thing that comes to their minds whenever they feel unhappy with their marriage. Divorce is acknowledged in the country as there are different state la...
Author: michellegillett
Family Law

Ways on Enforcing Child Support

20th January 2011
One thing that couples need to consider when divorcing is child support. Child support has been mandated in Jacksonville, Florida to couples who have gone through the road of separation. It is their way to look after the welfare and benefit of the childre...
Author: michellegillett
Family Law

Tips On Handling Child Support Enforcement in Jacksonville, FL

20th January 2011
Child support is an important part of any parentís duty. While one can legally divorce or separate from a spouse or partner, there are thankfully no provisions for divorcing your own children. Court ordered child maintenance payments are in place to ensur...
Author: michellegillett
Employment Law

Employment Based Green Card

20th January 2011
Permanent Residents or Green Card holders are authorized to live and work permanently in the United States. United States offers green cards to people in various ways and one of them is the employment based Green Card. In general, this means that an indiv...
Author: Paul Anderson

Lottery Winnings Would They Count As Child Support?

12th January 2011
Lottery Winnings: Can they Count For Child Support? A divorce and subsequent settlement is normally made by going to court. The judge examines all of the revenue, time married, children involved, as well as other conditions that should be dealt with.But i...
Author: Louie Newman

Understanding parenting arrangements for children after divorce

29th November 2010
By nature, divorce can be unpleasant. Add children to the mix and the situation becomes even more complex. Itís not surprising, therefore that shared care and the legal arrangements for children after a divorce can be tricky. The parenting arrangements ...
Author: Scott Jamieson

Income Tax Rebate Tips: Some Beneficial Tips!!

26th November 2010
Do you know what income tax means and how much income tax you are paying? There are lots of things that one must be aware of. The tax which is charged on the incomes of person or corporations is known as income tax. A person must be aware how much income ...
Author: jacksonmark

Effective Parenting After Divorce

19th July 2010
Parenting after divorce requires a plan. Both of you might be really hurting but the truth of the matter is that you are sharing children. So you must have plans of how to go about parenting them. Child Care With children in the picture, there must ...
Author: Paige Mercer
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