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Do It Yourself (DIY); Filing your Income Tax Returns

07th February 2011
Itís always not easy to hire outside help in assisting you with your routine job. Nature of certain jobs is technical and may still require assistance of a professional. Filing of your annual income tax return is somewhat similar to a semi-technical job. ...

Balancing between Tax Rate and Tax Revenue

05th February 2011
Governments around the world have used various forms of taxes to generate revenue of their annual budget which is in return spent of stateís welfare. Larger tax collection would mean bigger budget with the Federal and State governments and they would prov...

ABCD for Tax Return Filing

04th February 2011
Filing of income tax returns year after year have become almost like a natural cycle. It happens around same time every year and phenomena is experienced across length and breadth of the country alike. Here we would highlight some very basic fundamentals...

2011 Tax return tips for Unemployed

04th February 2011
United States of America has gone through some tough economic conditions recently which have directly or indirectly affected the average individual. Many have lost their jobs and many have taken salary cuts. But life continues as many of us fight back to ...